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11:06:36 AM Apr 18th 2014
I edited the last part of the 6th paragraph because it's a cherry-picked section of a much larger statement he's made. The sexism in moe/otaku culture roots from how the anime industry is filled to the brim with people who barely interacts with people outside what they see on a screen. Remember that Otaku is a much nastier word in Japanese culture, these are the people who will shut themselves in for their anime, unlike it's much more lighthearted meaning in Western culture. A lot of modern anime is criticized for having characters who act "unreal", Miyazaki made sure his characters were believable, interacted with each other much like real people would, and react to situations much like real people would. People on the net have solely interpreted his statement as "I don't like Fanservice" when it means a whole lot more.
07:38:21 AM Oct 17th 2013
Word of God: Miyazaki said that he designed the Cagliostro Lupin to take place at "the twilight of Lupin's career."

09:59:56 PM Nov 21st 2012
So, Miyazaki's credits for the Rankin Bass and DIC programs; where is your information coming from?

I'm not necessarily disputing it; Miyazaki was definitely at Toei before 1970 and at Telecom in the early 80's, but the is the only place that gives him credit for those works.
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