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09:51:10 PM Apr 6th 2013
edited by EarlOfSandvich
Okay, that last paragraph is weasely. I'm no defender of EA or anything like this, but the tone of it rubs me the wrong way and should be amended. First of all, that last sentence has got to go!

And I've made some first changes. It's not to say it should be free of criticism, but such should be objective, without resorting to loaded words like what the paragraph had.
01:15:23 AM Apr 7th 2013
I've axed the last paragraph — critical reception/public response stuff doesn't ever belong on the main page for a work.
05:16:21 PM Aug 24th 2012
I think EA's bad side is seriously downplayed.
05:17:04 PM Aug 24th 2012
Like, all that points to is the first sentence, and the region coding paragraph, that's it.
05:19:29 PM Aug 24th 2012
06:06:21 PM Aug 24th 2012
edited by NonoRobot
Weird. The YMMV still appear in the subpages, the direct link works, but the icon is nowhere to be seen. Never saw that one before.
02:25:23 AM Aug 25th 2012
Creator pages don't get YMMV tabs. Specifically to prevent the OP's complaints.
08:46:13 PM Sep 9th 2012
edited by manhandled
But where's the YMMV?!? ...Then...
04:58:17 PM Mar 17th 2012
edited by NonoRobot

Neo Chaos recently removed this part of the article from the main page:

A reputation in recent years for churning out cookie cutter sequels of their big franchises, along with poor quality licensed titles and a newfound habit of disabling their games' online features through shutting down servers has hurt their bottom line, resulting in an ongoing attempt by the company to recapture some of their early glory days with some well received original titles, along with a partial return to their old, publishing-only form with the release of Tim Schaefer's Brütal Legend. (Only to intentionally conceal the gameplay against the wishes of Tim Schafer, and almost bankrupting him by canceling the sequel.) This has turned them from being a hated symbol of everything wrong with the industry to a... moderately liked symbol of a freak hybrid of all that is right and wrong with the industry at the same time. It helps that Activision is frequently considered what they were like, but worse; thus EA is thought of as the lesser of two evils, so to speak.

However, because of their status as a video game publisher, that means that people tend to see the "EA" logo on some games and then proceed to lodge any criticisms about the quality of the game itself at them when they merely funded the development and marketed it, with only a few EA-published titles (Dragon Age: Origins) escaping this, although they didn't entirely escape it in some regards. This also has caused several misconceptions, like how Wing Commander 2 and Ultima Online was all their doing when it wasn't.]]

He removed this part for the following reason:
removed the criticism because this site is not here to complain about companies' busines practices; also, EA Partners is not just importing Japanese titles.

So... What should we do ? I don't agree with such a cut, but I can see that its place isn't on the main page, since it's, in my eyes, YMMV material. Soooo, do you think we can put this text in the YMMV subpage (though we have to decide which tropes could apply to the situation), do you think we should just put it back, or do you think we should just remove this part once and for all?

Please, discuss.

EDITION: It seems that Neo Chaos took care of it himself and put it in the YMMV section. No need for further discussion I guess.
10:33:53 PM Apr 29th 2012
Actually, yes. A considerable amount of stuff is NOT YMMV, but empirical and consistent business practices and/or quotes/videos. Stuff like purposefully designing games and business models to nickel and dime gamers and exploit their psychology for maximum profit are just a few examples backed up by empirical evidence.
02:46:17 AM Apr 30th 2012
So, what should we do ? Put back these paragraphs on the main page ? I'm not against it, as long as we all are on the same page here.
02:05:10 AM Jan 13th 2012
Is it possibly time to re-evaluate the "moderately liked symbol" part of the header? It seems that over the last year or so the company has spent a lot of the goodwill they had built up and seems to be on the path to being even worse then Activision has been.
11:39:52 AM Oct 26th 2010
About Brutal Legend, is there any proof that they rushed the game through? It's an accusation I've heard numerous times, but I've never seen any evidence for it, especially since it was in development for over 5 years.
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