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04:27:32 AM Feb 1st 2014
Spank the Cutie is being split into Kinky Spanking and Comedic Spanking. Parenting and discipline is Don't Make Me Take My Belt Off.

  • Spank the Cutie:
    • Offscreen, Tubby experiences this in "Bored of Education" after he attempts to give an apple, which he stole from Lulu's desk, to the teacher and Lulu herself substitutes a frog.
    • Lulu receives one onscreen in "I'm Just Curious" (though she tucked a book into her panties so she wouldn't feel any pain).
    • The short "Lucky Lulu" practically revolves around this trope, with Lulu receiving an offscreen spanking each day of the week, with a final, onscreen spanking at the end of the cartoon after her quest for a good luck charm comes to a failed end.

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