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08:47:59 AM Mar 25th 2013
Feel like I missed something - how is Bella reading Jane Austen for fun a subversion of the informed ability trope? If she were reading, oh, Dostoyevsky or something, but even as an Austen lover, I just don't see how Sense and Sensibility for fun makes her widely read in any way shape or form.
08:09:22 PM Nov 18th 2011
Okay, I know most of us probably hate this series, but this wiki is about detailing the tropes that appear within it, not criticizing and bashing it because we hate it. I just feel a bit whenever I read through this, is all.
03:05:17 AM Mar 24th 2012
I agree that our personal feelings should not interfere with what we write here while analyzing. That can get extremely frustrating to read when you want to learn stuff about the story and all you get to hear is how much others think it sucked. That said, when several instances of a book falls under High Octane Nightmare Fuel, that is a hint the book itself is pretty creepy. Then there are a few tropes that more or less point out that something is stupid, like Fan Dumb, and Redundant Department of Redundancy and so forth.
01:49:23 PM Sep 26th 2010
Not having read the books, can anyone tell me what is High Octane Nightmare Fuel about Renee? I mean after the pregnancy from hell. I've heard that shit and that is creepy as hell.
02:58:45 AM Mar 24th 2012
Renee is fine. You are thinking about Bella's child Renesmee. Many think it's creepy that she is basically an adult mentally when she is born and that she grows rapidly and will marry the man her Mom cheated on her Dad with when she is about seven years old. If that's not enough to creep you out, there is alway her "gift" of being able to put her thoughts into another person's head. Creeped out yet?
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