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06:24:01 AM Jun 17th 2016
Can we have generalized tropes for the 8 Kings?
07:47:23 PM Feb 2nd 2015
Blank space.

That's what the section on the Neo looked like. Almost everything about them and the characters involved was completely spoilered essentially making the section worthless, and exactly what spoiler policy says you aren't supposed to do, so I removed that. If anyone wants to go back and try spoiler things in a better way that might be good, but as it was, it was just terrible.

Please don't go back and basically turn it into a sea of white again.
07:10:07 AM Mar 6th 2014
Would anyone mind if I removed the Expy entry for the four kings, comparing them to the Holuto brothers? They're almost nothing a like.
08:38:43 AM Mar 6th 2014
I can't find any expy entry, though.
09:11:24 AM Mar 6th 2014
The entry is on the main page at Toriko.

You can go ahead and remove it as long as you leave an edit reason, Litle Wiggle. If anyone wants it back again, discuss it here first.
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