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01:12:03 PM Jan 14th 2013
edited by tricksterson
This is iin response to Tarlonniels request for clarification. I removed Dumb Muscle and Thou Shalt Not Kill because they're examples of what the characters are not, not what they are. Jim West's status as The Ace is illustrated in the character summary at the beginning, there's not much he's incapable of. Artemus is a Badass Bookworm because he's an intelligent and wellread person who nonetheless can kick ass when called upon.
05:01:33 PM Jan 14th 2013
Ooh! Discussion page. Let's see:

I didn't mind you removing those tropes. I wasn't aware that I shouldn't add aversions; lesson learned. I will avert aversions... or something like that... from now on.

The Ace: While Jim AND Artie are indeed "ridiculously good at what they do" and have "a reputation for doing the impossible," I'd say they don't really fit the rest of the description (i. e. that IN-UNIVERSE everyone knows it, people look up to them, envy them, are in awe of them, and that they're somewhat Shrouded in Myth). Also, neither Jim nor Artie is "extremely talented at everything" - they each have their own strengths and weaknesses (assuming you agree that the show doesn't revolve around a specific activity; "secret agenting" doesn't seem very specific to me). Also, the Ace is "rarely the protagonist, typically acting as the living embodiment of Always Someone Better" and "if they're a main character, expect them to be either The Rival or The Mentor." Given all of that, I thought that neither of them really fit. Of course you're free to disagree but it would be nice if you could please add some context to the entry, like I've tried to do for all the others on the page.

Badass Bookworm: Artie is indeed intelligent and knowledgeable, but I wouldn't call him a bookworm. He doesn't seem to do much reading at all except when required by the job; in fact, as far as literary knowledge goes, he and Jim are fairly even. He's neither quiet, physically unimposing nor soft-spoken, and his formidable physical and practical skills are not at all Hidden Depths - they're right out in the open. He does not look like your standard geek, but then display a surprising amount of physical prowess. Out of the entire Badass Bookworm description, the only things that really fit him are that he's The Smart Guy and that he prefers not to fight, doing so only when he must (even then, he doesn't fit the trope that the latter trait links to, Minored In Asskicking). I've already put him down as a Cultured Badass and I think that's a much more accurate categorization. Again, feel free to disagree... but please add at least a few words to the entry!
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