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04:40:41 PM Oct 28th 2012
edited by drumlip
Given the rather large number of characters listed under NP Cs, I would suggest that we split the page in two. One page for NP Cs (the Administrator, Merasmus, the Robots, etc.) and one page for characters who appear only in supplementary material (Saxton Hale, the Mann Brothers, Miss Pauling, etc.) It would be a better way to organize the constantly growing number of additional characters.
06:03:49 PM Oct 27th 2012
Is it possible Robin Atkin Downes (The Medic) is Merasmus? It sounds a lot like his Thundercats (2011) Mumm-Ra voice.
10:57:34 AM Aug 20th 2012
Just a small comment to an edit, but the Team are not Heroic Comedic Sociopaths. Because they're not really all that heroic. It's enough just to say they are comedic sociopaths.
07:10:18 PM Aug 15th 2012
Wait, hold on here, when did Elizabeth suddenly become Zeph Mann's wife and his maidservant? If she died giving birth to the triplets, she couldn't have been alive to inherit his estate.
12:59:14 AM Jun 12th 2012
I'd just like to point out, in regards to the Foil entry for the Demoman, being blind in one eye does nothing to hamper long-range accuracy - you only look through a scope with one eye to begin with. I would know, I'm blind in one eye and I've fired my share of guns.

So that's why I'm excising that little detail. Felt it warranted an explanation otherwise it'd look really odd.
01:16:05 AM Dec 14th 2011
"Ambiguously Gay: When a rocket crashed through his house, he expressed concern that he and the Pyro would have to be parents to a super baby."

I'm literally facepalming right now.
05:31:56 PM Nov 21st 2011
Where (and why) did Beware the Silly Ones go? All the Team are blatant comedic archetypes... until things need to get bloody, that is.
01:06:18 AM Nov 22nd 2011
edited by GingerSnaps
The trope is for characters who are presented as goofy and harmless but are actually very dangerous.

The mercenaries are all introduced as skilled Career Killers and most of them are presented as psychopaths as well. While they do have occasional lapses of silliness (Engineer's victory dance and Spy's snort-laugh for example) it isn't the most prominent part of their character and is mostly overshadowed by more malevolent behavior. I really don't think the trope applies to them.
05:16:38 AM Sep 24th 2011
Has anyone noticed that John Mactavish is a lot like the demoman, black, scottish and explosive.
07:30:31 PM Jul 1st 2011
I found out something interesting that changes the way this troper thinks about the Heavy. There's a Russian proverb that goes, "Fools shoot, but God directs the bullets." In "Meet the Heavy," Heavy mentions that he hasn't met anyone who can "outsmart boolit." To my mind, when you think about that alongside the old proverb, it almost sounds as though he's talking about Divine Intervention; he could mean that, with God directing the boolits, his opponents can't win because they can't defy God. Could the Heavy be a Religious Bruiser? Thoughts?
09:42:24 PM Jul 1st 2011
I honestly think that one's a bit of a stretch., seeing as there aren't any other religious references he makes or word of god to back it up. It just crosses into WMG a little too much.

It's an interesting find though.
05:54:46 PM Jul 2nd 2011
What about when you factor in his PHD in Russian Lit? Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky, two of the most famous Russian authors of all time, worked a lot of Christian themes into their works. Surely Heavy would have an extensive working knowledge of such themes if he holds any kind of degree in the subject. Also, based on his description in Poker Night at the Inventory of respawning as a series of nightmares, it could be that he's affected in a spiritual manner by all of the nightmares of death.

Of course, I know this is all wild speculation and there's nothing in the actual source material to support this. I just think it's kinda cool to think of Heavy in that way.
07:00:48 PM Jun 26th 2011
Since somebody decided it was best to remove all the weapons from the list in a huge edit, I'm going to move the weapon descriptions to the weapons section. Besides, it would've broken the folders eventually listing so many weapons.
12:33:15 AM Jun 24th 2011
I think the spoiler tags for "Meet the Medic" may last for a few days, but should be removed then (as there are none for the other characters)
11:32:23 PM Nov 28th 2010
The scout is "difficult to control, especially for veteran FPS players"? I'd say it's exactly the opposite. His speed is the only one that comes even remotely close to that of Quake and its infamous strafe-jumping.
01:24:26 PM Nov 20th 2010
I don't know about you guys, but I'm convinced that the Engineer's an Aggie. Think about it. He's a Texan with Southern Hospitality, an engineer (something A&M is famous for) loves guns (A&M is also famous for its Corps of Cadets) and he has 11 PH Ds (its graduate school is well-known and notoriously hard to get into).
06:04:03 AM Sep 17th 2010
I'm wondering if the Demoman's mother qualifies as a non-Jewish Jewish Mother. She complains he hasn't got enough jobs!
03:05:58 AM Nov 27th 2010
Yeah, it would fit. Takes a special kind of mother to guilt-trip a man's work ethic while living inside his MANSION.
02:33:07 PM Jul 12th 2010
I'd like to know why the real names of some of the characters are hidden behind spoilers.
03:48:23 PM Jul 29th 2010
They've been unspoilered.

My question is - where did everyone get Delmond as the Engineer's first name? I remember him insisting on being called "Dell" in the Loose Cannon comic - was there another comic I missed or something?
10:07:35 AM Jul 2nd 2010
edited by superslinger2007
Actually never mind. (Removed)
04:30:39 PM Mar 26th 2010
Just a quick remark, but this is the most well-written character page I've ever seen.

A Made of Win to all the contributors.
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