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12:08:54 AM Nov 9th 2011
Helen's Character Sheet:

I understand if the sheet's trope description themselves were wordy and needed to be pared down, but the Attention Whore, Rape As Drama and What Did I Do Last Night tropes, are part of Helen's character and character arc, though they are, fittingly enough, examples of a Downplayed Trope, in particular, the Attention Whore trope, as Helen craves validation. Before I make a revert, can I ask why they were deleted?
02:54:16 PM Nov 13th 2011
edited by Aiguille
There's no discernable reason other than her character employs more tropes than the usual, but being Troperiffic is not, per our rules, bad. Tropes Are Not Bad. Deleting tropes To Be Fair to undertroped characters is not good. If others are undertroped, add tropes to them. It is entirely possible for a character with a small role to employ more tropes than a character with a larger one, and this is perfectly acceptable.
07:58:33 AM Sep 27th 2010
edited by ChevalierMalfait
Removed the following sentence from the Hypocrite entry under Aggie's description:

"She's also biphobic to boot, asking Lisa if any lips of any gender will do when the latter reveals she's bi."

Speaking as a bi person, I really think that's an unsubstantiated deduction from one remark. And even if she were "biphobic," that's not relevant to the trope in question.
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