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08:22:39 AM May 18th 2016
When you go to edit this page, it explicitly says not to use spoiler tags. So why do people keep using spoiler tags?
05:12:24 PM Jun 6th 2015
Why the heck does it say that Gibbs is a "functional mute?"
01:44:01 AM Jun 7th 2015
Oi. That is dead wrong. Remove it.
05:38:00 PM Mar 26th 2012
Can we get a YMMV section for the Character tropes? It's so the Ensemble Darkhorse reference applying to "the Duck" David McCallum gets an appropriate home.

Nearly 50 years later and he's still got it going on.
10:50:56 PM Nov 26th 2010
Had to drop this one for Ziva: Raised by Wolves is now a human raised by animals. The old meaning, No Social Skills has its own page now. We never really had a good home for "offbeat upbringing" like we mean here and we still don't.

  • Raised by Wolves - Well, a director of Mossad. What most people consider advanced commando training, Ziva classes as "survival skills".
12:22:42 PM Apr 20th 2010
notreallyatroper: I wanted to make a section for Agent Keating, McGee's replacement in the season 6 opener. That way I could put Agent Lee, Agent Langer, and him in a row with a conjoined quote from when Gibbs listed his doubts about them. The problem is: I couldn't think of any tropes for him. Help, please?

For any who were wondering:
Gibbs: I got an FBI guy who doesn't listen, I got a boy genius who doesn't drive, I got a lawyer who doesn't shoot!
08:09:23 PM Apr 12th 2010
Treguard: Alternative character interpretation: Rene Benoit. Not just Combat Aestheticist, but actual Technical Pacifist. Would have had no problem giving his arms dealer a clean break if he'd actually asked for it. *He* didn't kill Jenny's father, Trent did, for the same reason the CIA tried to discredit Jenny with the lie detector test. It's implied that the CIA prefers the Devil they know, so when Rene wanted to get out of the Arms business (which was some time ago) the CIA wouldn't let him. When he finally went to Jenny and Gibbs for help, they had him killed.
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