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06:25:11 AM Jul 6th 2013
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Detective William Murdoch

  • Mr. Fanservice: His handsomeness, combined with his Adorkable personality, arguably make him endearingly vulnerable to female characters and viewers alike.

I decided to delete this wick. Examples Are Not Arguable, and Mr. Fanservice often suffers misuse and shoehorning. It's not a character the audience find attractive or people in-verse. He has to have Fanservice scenes, which means at least appear Shirtless once. As far as I remember, Murdoch doesn't match these criteria. I like Murdoch too; he's handsome, intelligent, manly and cute, in a suit, science hero... What's not to like? But he's not Mr Fanservice. (At least yet — as of the end of season 6. If I'm mistaken, please provide context. I could have forgotten something.)
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