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01:26:40 PM Apr 3rd 2014
So... the character quotes could use some work. Some, like Jay's and Totheark's, fit perfectly, but others less so- Brian's, in particular, makes him sound like a bit of a ditz when in context that's not really the case.

I mean, I'm not entirely sure I can think of anything better (I haven't tried yet), but I'm pretty sure not every character sheet needs quotes like that- if we can't come up with any that fit, there's no need to shoehorn in some random thing they said at one point.
10:21:15 AM Feb 19th 2014
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Okay, I'm not normally one to complain about spoiler tags. I like spoiler tags. That being said...this page is more than half spoilered out, and it's ridiculous.

Proposal: we strip most of the tags and put up a hard-to-miss warning at the top of the page. Leave only the really major twists as spoilers, including but not limited to Jay being killed, Masky being Tim, and Alex being homicidal (although that one is probably singlehandedly responsible for half of that white-out, so maybe it should go regardless).

I feel that many other blanked pieces of information, such as the implied fates of the original cast members, are past the statute of limitations proportional to how much impact they have on the plot.
09:06:44 PM Nov 2nd 2013
Is Alex being evil really a spoiler any more? I'm kind of tired of sorting though all these spoiler tags.
11:23:16 AM Jan 29th 2013
Does Ambiguous Disorder actually apply to Tim? As far as I can tell, the trope refers to someone with odd traits that seem to indicate some kind of condition that real people might have (but with no "official" diagnosis set down either in canon or word-of-god), as opposed to someone who couldn't be properly diagnosed in-universe because their condition was at least partially of supernatural origin. Especially when, like Tim, they act completely neurotypical except when having an active episode.

I'd rather be sure before removing it, though.
03:58:26 AM Oct 5th 2014
I'd argue that it does apply to Tim. Whether or not his condition is supernatural is left fairly ambiguous or, if it is, how much IS supernatural. Even if the disorder is entirely caused by the supernatural, I'd still argue for the trope to apply to him because it plays out as this trope. Also, his depression is definitely real regardless of what caused it.
06:20:12 PM Aug 12th 2012
Hey there, for whoever posted about Hoodie being also called Sinclair, I'm to blame for that. It was just a random name I decided to come up with in a discussion on a forum for some reason I forget, and it kind of snowballed out of control. Pretty funny to see it turned up on TV tropes.
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