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07:05:04 PM Apr 11th 2015
edited by GoGoGodzilla
Edit Revert by Chaotic Novelist

Chaotic Novelist: You wrote: Example Indentation! It is outrageous how you think that everything that can be demaned "tough" or "cool" is a suptrope of badass. Also, do NOT put two tropes on the same line. All it says is that you can't tell the difference between the two.Third, "Anime episode 4. "Master" doesn't describe it." is a ZERO CONTEXT EXAMPLE! Four, Master Smithsman has nothing to do with Tranquil Fury.

First, I recognize that it was bad editing, which is why I am respecting your reversions and why I'm going to no longer try to edit this page, at least until I perhaps have some better understanding of formats and whatnot. That said…

My edit wasn't outrageous. Badass has a huge list of sub tropes, and the items I listed were on the sub trope pages. This is why I put everything under the Badass trope. I acknowledge that the formatting was uninformed. It wasn't about picking and choosing things I thought were "tough" or "cool". It was how I thought things were categorized.

The most important reason for bringing this to the discussion board was to ask simply, "What the hell?" I don't think you really needed to be so rude about it all. You could've simply said "The formatting in this is kind of bad, so I send some editing guides to the troper and I've reverted his edits for the time being". Instead, this is shades of The Other Wiki.

One last time, I'll respect that you made your reverts, but ease up a bit, man. I thought part of the deal of this site was that rudeness wasn't cool.
11:02:03 PM Apr 11th 2015
You're right. My comment was rude and unnecessarily harsh. I'm sorry about that. I was mad about something else and took it out on you.
11:59:46 PM Apr 11th 2015
Thanks, man. No hard feelings at all! I'll read up on some better formatting so iI don't butcher any more pages. :)
06:47:08 PM Apr 10th 2014
Nyanta and Akatsuki: Distaff counterpart?

Nyanta: Tall male dual-wielding extremely capable fighter who is sociable and a respectful role-player. Dresses fabulously. Melee class. Figures out cooking. Not human.

Akatsuki: Short female one-handed extremely capable fighter who isn't good at socializing but is a respectful role-player. Hates being dressed fabulously. Melee class. Figures out fighting (in the Anime). Human.
07:28:58 PM Apr 10th 2014
I think that's really stretching it.
08:01:09 PM Apr 10th 2014
I figured, which is why I asked.
09:14:59 PM Jan 29th 2015
Something that ought to be clarified, IMO. Under Shiroe's list, in "Hero with Bad Publicity", it says this:

"Averted among the Lander Nobles. To them, he's seen as a wise scholar whom is sympathetic to the Landers, but has difficulty dealing with Michitaka. This is the result of Shiroe and Michitaka playing Good Cop/Bad Cop during the Eastal Confrence."

I never saw this discussed in the series. In fact, there is a big deal about them calling him a villain. When does it happen? Is it only in the manga, or is it mentioned in the anime? Which chapter/episode?
05:00:36 PM Jan 30th 2015
Shiroe was supposed to play the Good Cop during the Eastal Conference, which was hinted during his pre-meeting strategy session with Krusty and Michitaka in episode 17. The original novels (volume 4, chapter 2) were more explicit in describing the role allocation, but otherwise, things quickly spiralled out of Shiroe's control during the Eastal Conference anyway, and the anime adaptation did not omit anything major.
05:29:45 PM Jan 30th 2015
I wasn't referring to the good cop/bad cop. I was talking about the "wise scholar" part. I have not seen anything describing or alluding to them seeing Shiro in that way. There's the good cop/bad cop, but that doesn't tell us how the nobles view them, it just shows the roles they are playing. And once again, a big deal is made of Shiro's NEGATIVE reputation. Where is the mention of a positive one among the nobles?
06:54:00 AM Feb 13th 2015
Umm... not to bother anyone, but unless this question is answered, the part in question might have to be removed.
09:00:41 AM Feb 13th 2015
I guess you can remove (or hide) that for the moment. I have vague recollections over Shiroe's reputation amongst the Eastal nobles in the light novels but I can't remember where exactly was it mentioned. Sorry that I couldn't be of much help here.
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