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11:32:38 AM Aug 31st 2013
I notice a lot of "hidden" tropes listed under different character's sections. Is that a space-saver thing or do people just not want to admit to certain characters exemplifying certain tropes?
04:56:01 AM Sep 10th 2012

* WhatDoYouMeanItsNotAwesome: [[InvokedTrope Invokes]] this trope.

Trope was renamed to Mundane Made Awesome due to misuse, but not enough context to tell if the example is appropriate. If Yomotsu Hirasaka's invocation of the trope is appropriate, please provide some additional information for context when putting the renamed trope/example on the page.
09:47:47 AM Jul 20th 2012

Hot Amazon was transplanted to Amazon Chaser. There is not enough context here to tell if this is misuse, or a good example. If this character is attracted to her because of her Amazon-ness, please return it to the appropriate character(s) and/or the main work page.
11:35:44 AM Aug 31st 2013
Well, I ought to check Nishijima's page, but considering his relationship with Minene doubles up as Dating Catwoman (really, he's an upstanding homicide detective in love with a terrorist? I know she's hot but still...), but it's not explicitly stated if he loves her because she's a (Dark) Action Girl.
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