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10:41:02 PM May 17th 2010
edited by ChrisX
P.S: If inappropriate to be put here, tell me and I'll take it to the forums.


You NEVER learn, do you?

So let me ask you again about this: Are you by any chance a survivor of Souther's tyranny that accidentally fell into a time warp to this world? Are you trying to take your revenge against Souther by trying the best you can to DEMONIZE him or make up lots of real bad adjectives to him? Did Souther poison your little sister in front of your eyes? And this is your Take That! (now that he can't even touch you)? Explain why you're slowly falling to 'describing Souther like an arch-demon and making Jagi looks like a Saint' AGAIN, even after last time I stopped you. I don't want you to just stop your action. I want you to stop and EXPLAIN WHY YOU'RE DOING THIS. NOW.
11:35:17 PM May 17th 2010
Well... 1) I'm one of the few people online (and regrettably, OF Fline) that is known as the "Anti-Cynic"; who are dreadfully sick of this disgusting phenonmenon known as "doing it for the lulz" IE. Not caring about your fellow human beings and laughing at their suffering while simultaneously lionizing the bad people who tend to finish first in life. People like myself (who thank goodness, still do exist) like to remind people that bad people are BAD and innocents suffering and having their hopes and dreams destroyed is NOT FUCKING FUNNY, no matter how cool and sexy the bastard is.

The damage done by two decades of heartless Jewish comedians like Seinfeld and media that lionize an celebrate selfishness like "Big Brother", "Robot Chicken", "Family Guy" and "House" to make an entire generation to think its cool to cynically not care and laugh at suffering is nowhere NEAR undone. And unless the world leaders stop fucking dissapointing this and the next generation, it won't likely be undone in EITHER of our lifetimes.

If I sell out my principles and let cynicism win, I would be no better than the blase assholes who laugh at homeless Hurricane Katrina victims and cartoons where orphans dreams of having a family get shattered (Family Guy) and heartless cynical fuckers who high-five at children getting sucked into propellers and born dead (Robot Chicken), wouldn't I?

But since I have basically run out of things I want to say about that child beating and murdering loser, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you will have no more posts left to censor.
12:03:52 AM May 18th 2010
Take your crusade against cynicism somewhere else. You don't realize how annoying it was to see you to shove your stance against cynicism to EVERYONE'S EYES.

What you don't realize is that we don't laugh at the victims of Souther's tyranny. We know he's a bastard. We know he's a Complete Monster. But all we also know is that... HE'S FICTIONAL! You taking your crusade even to fictional level is truly... Fan Dumb and Hate Dumb taken to the max.

For the good of this very wiki (and yourself), I ask you to stop being a fanatic and KEEP YOUR PHILOSOPHY OF GOOD AND EVIL TO YOURSELF, NOT SHOVING IT TO EVERYONE'S FACES!
09:51:00 PM May 17th 2010
Ok, serious question now, since it is the same franchise, should characters from Fist of the Blue Sky be put in here, or should it merit it's own character sheet? As for me, I think it should be grouped to the same page, but I'd really want some input from you guys before we start adding characters.
10:29:46 PM May 17th 2010

1) Oh heck yes, Fist of the Blue Sky deserves its own Character Sheet.

2) Oh heck no, it should NOT be grouped with that of the same franchise. Because A) Thematically, it is different as chalk as is to cheese. B) We don't want the system crash that happened to the Mahou Sensei Negima! main character sheet to happen here, do we? (Nervous Laugh)
03:54:04 PM Apr 9th 2010
All right, I realize there's this one user who tried to monsterize Jagi. I'll see how it goes and no matter how much I agree that Jagi could be more monstrous than Souther, I'd like this page to be a more civil page, so please don't go over the top in describing Jagi's evilness. We've had our share and it was tiring.
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