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10:28:27 PM Dec 27th 2015
Shouldn't a lot of these examples be moved to Incest Subtext?

I've played four of the games mentioned here (7,6,8,4 in that order) and unless there are VERY important easter eggs I've missed in my playthroughs, it's pure subtext in all of those but 4, where the actual incest is very present.
02:22:27 AM Dec 28th 2015
I would not be surprised at all.
04:31:34 AM Dec 28th 2015
At the very least, not all of them are Brother-Sister related. If this page could be shifted to some kind of Incest Subtext / Fire Emblem page, that'd work for just about everything but the Arvis one.
06:28:14 AM Dec 28th 2015
Not even sure if "subtext" is the right word... almost all of this seems to be Incest Yay Shipping rather than intentional subtext.
11:06:48 AM Dec 28th 2015
Larkman: agreed. Eirika & Ephraim from 8 *is* subtext, because Siegmund & Sieglinde is a Wagner reference, but as for the examples listed from 6 and 7, I could make a case for why they aren't even hinting at subtext while standing on my head.

TBH I'm tempted to take down the whole page and disperse or delete its examples, but I haven't played any of the games but the four I mentioned in OP, so I doubt I'm qualfied to judge them.
03:19:12 PM Dec 28th 2015
Ok, I deleted all of the entries on Fire Emblem 6, 7, & 8, which clearly belongs in Incest Yay Shipping or Incest Subtext. Also deleted a lot of shit which had accumulated around the main incestuous plot points of 4. I'm strongly tempted to delete the entry about Fire Emblem Tellius, which appears to sum up to "I played 9 and thought it implied incest, but then I played 10 and it turned out not too," but I'm willing to defer to someone who has actually played those games. Ditto for Fire Emblem Awakening and its entries - at least some of them look like accumulated crud (ie not brother-sister or not actually incest), but I haven't played the game yet and would prefer an experienced eye look them over before they get shredded.
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