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03:30:13 PM Apr 3rd 2015
Should I add?

  • Phantasy Star Zero has a very competent AI, responds to your tactics really well but they have two moments where Artificial Stupidity kicks in really hard: then they need to dodge an attack and when they need to really heal up. An example of this happens when Mother Trinity uses Photon Eraser, an easily avoidable attack as long as you keep moving, but can easily drain up to 3/4 of everyone's health, but the AI allies simply stand there and take the hit or attempts to hurt the boss.
    • Phantasy Star Portable 2 is highly likely to have the worst AI in the series. Not only they refuse to obey the strategy (unless it involves an scripted event where the only working commands are "Wait" and "Follow"), but they also have this terrible habit of not healing when they should and taking forever to heal someone who is almost dead. Thankfully, unlike the previous example, the AI has infinite revivals and a very short revival interval.
04:13:27 PM Apr 3rd 2015
Not with that Example Indentation in Trope Lists, for sure.
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