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03:09:48 AM Jan 21st 2015
re:Cut Damn You, Muscle Memory!. I meant to just put the inbounds down, I'd already gone over the wicks.
03:49:15 AM Jan 21st 2015
Either way, I'll accept the cut request on Main.The Big O and move this discussion to the work page itself. Seems like the redirect has no purpose.
03:59:22 AM Sep 15th 2013
The following Natter that violated Example Indentation (and was irrelevant to the example) was deleted from Sand Is Water.

  • Subjected to sufficient vibration, any granular substance (such as sand) can behave like a liquid. In fact, sand frequently acts like a liquid all on its own - just watch an hourglass (Roger has several you can observe). You can also cause sand to behave like a liquid by blowing air into it. Under the right conditions, regular sand is more fluid (and able to swallow objects) than quicksand.
08:35:44 PM Feb 25th 2012
Under the Nietzsche Wannabe trope:

  • The title of the episode supports this.

Doesn't the higher comment make this sufficiently obvious? To wit:

  • More like a Thomas Hobbes Wannabe; compare his narration in the episode "Leviathan" with Hobbes' book of the same name.

Emphasis mine. I've tentatively removed the entry, unless someone can point out how it adds something substantial.
03:48:10 AM Jan 8th 2012
Reduced coverage of some spoilers to the actual spoiler material and removed a couple altogether because they weren't really spoilers.
08:05:40 PM Dec 30th 2010
I keep hearing about Beck having a terrifying final fate in the manga, but I can't seem to find any information other than that it's nightmare fuel level. Can someone tell me what happens? :\
12:28:21 PM Nov 23rd 2010
I think it's kind of misleading to emphasize the supposedly Japanese cultural perspective of some of this show's characters, when this is in fact one of the most Western anime I've ever seen. Virtually nothing about this show is Japanese (I would say the mecha aspect is pretty Japanese, though), and frankly the notion that odd disturbances are the works of gods is a pretty common one around the world. I could see it happening more in Japan than the US, but I wouldn't call it a "Japanese phenomenon" or anything.
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