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    Basically, where would this fall into?
    • One Piece: The newer Arc Villain Vinsmoke Judge one for Don Krieg in the East Blue saga. Both are leaders of a military group who's obsessed with military equipments and personnel numbers, and they used to be active at a certain sea (East Blue for Krieg, North Blue for Judge). Both are also spear-wielders. They're also actually pathetically weak fools that hide behind large armies, their loyal and capable subordinates, that they abuse, rig fights in their favor by using hostages, and artificially boost their personal strength with a bunch of fancy toys. In addition, they're both ungrateful bastards who hold chefs in disdain.

      Meet the New Boss

      Suspiciously Similar Substitute

      ^ It's not meant to be a "substitute" though? They're active in different places, but they have quite some similarities.

      I have asked something to this effect in Ask The Tropers previously (regarding similar character roles in Ace Attorney and Pokemon sequels). It's not Expy or Counterpart Comparison. The closest I could come up with is Recurring Element.


      I repeat, this is exactly Meet the New Boss. It doesn't require the old villain to have been defeated or anything; it's just that the story has replaced them with a very similar villain. In this case, it just happens to be because the story has moved to a far away location. In comedy-friendly series like One Piece there's usually at least some lampshading of the whole "Isn't this guy a lot like the guy we were fighting before?" thing.

      (reading it) Okay, it fits.