• 2 Mar 19th, 2017 at 10:10AM
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    What should an entry for One-Word Title on a Work page look like?

    I'm just having "One-Word Title", and then nothing after it, if it's obviously, like Manga/Bleach or something like that.

    It seems allowed? According to the hidden comment at the top of One-Word Title:

    "(Obviously most examples here will be self-explanatory, but if you're going to refer to a series with a multi-word title which consists of works with one-word titles, without actually referencing any of those works, that's a Zero-Context Example.)" Reply

      I'd mention the etymology of the title, perhaps any comments by the creator on why it was chosen.

      This may be what Septimus meant by "etymology", but it should explain what relevance the single word has to the show.
      • Lost: The series revolves around the survivors of a plane crash who are Lost at sea. It also gains more nuances as the plot develops.
      • Scrubs: "Scrubs" is the name of the outfit most hospital employees wear, but it also can be used as slang to refer to insignificant or annoying people. The series is set in a hospital where the main characters all wear scrubs, but they are also idiosyncratic to the point that they could be considered to be scrubs, as well.
      If all the context there is, is "It's the main character's name", that's a signal that the example belongs on Character Title instead.