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7426 rmctagg093rd Jun 2013 10:33:48 AM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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Aokigahara is near Mt. Fuji's northwest base, so Viridian Forest isn't close enough.
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7427 RussellStar56413rd Jun 2013 02:09:54 PM from a view of a starry night sky. , Relationship Status: In love with love
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@ Musik Maestro and Frigid Scholar: Just remember to update the dibs page, and happy to see more people working on locations. Speaking of Dibs, I think I'll take the Tauros line.

@ I Love Dogs: Which do you need help on cause I can try and lend a hand if you wish. I actually wanted to work on Petilil anyways.
7428 ILoveDogs3rd Jun 2013 02:18:18 PM from Lunn Guyland , Relationship Status: Hounds of love are hunting
I will.

(And I'll do Petilil first)

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7429 RussellStar56413rd Jun 2013 06:56:39 PM from a view of a starry night sky. , Relationship Status: In love with love
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[up]Alright, first what do you have so far and secondly if you want you contact me via messaging, speak here on the forum, or you can try the chatroom to discuss it.

Also could someone explain the sharing thing on the, I don't quite understand how that works.

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One thing that I think needs improvement in most of the Pokedex entries is the human culture section. I just feel that there needs to be a bit more to that.
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7431 strawberryflavored7th Jun 2013 03:00:13 PM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Maxing my social links
Espeon GX
Eh, not really. That section is more for things like pop culture references and the like. The main focus of the article is on the Pokemon.
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7432 Regitnui21st Jun 2013 11:30:26 AM from Blind Eternities
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I'm wondering if I shouldn't get re-involved in this... What pokémon interests me enough?
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[up] I'm having the same problem, I want to do another article but I'm not overly interested by any of the ones that need doing. Maybe I'll have another look and see if i missed any that interest me.

Also dropping the Patrat Line from my Dibs List

Also added Poison Touch Article to the wiki.

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7434 ATC1st Jul 2013 02:29:41 PM from The Library of Kiev
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7435 J.N.L.J.4th Aug 2013 02:58:39 PM from Philippines
Professor Narra
So I've been reading about my favorite Pokemon, Ralts. There are few things the article doesn't detail much on the implications, while I'd like to add/alter a few of my own.

1.) While it's explained a bit through the term Empathic Backlash, it doesn't really detail how emotionally Fisher Kingdom-ish the surroundings are to Ralts/Kirlia (which I feel should be the EMPHASIS in the hazard entry rather than just a nuisance)

2.) It doesn't expand on what classifies as positive/negative emotions, therefore Trainers are left wondering why the hell their Ralts/Kirlia are suddenly sick. (another curiously-related detail regards how positive/negative sexual tension is, and when the Trainer is a pervert, which can and WILL lead to... awkward situations)

3.) I was fairly irked by the detail where the Ralts-line has their hair universally-harden as they evolve. I don't think Gardevoir evolution would necessitate hair-hardening due to their reliance on their psychic powers to defend themselves, but Gallade can have this feature fine. Personally, this ought to be just be a Secondary Sexual Characteristic for Males, how Trainers can "cleanly" identify who's a boy/girl by judging their hair stiffness even at Ralts stage (male Gardevoir hair would have the same hair hardness of their previous evolution, Kirlia). This can also help give much more flavor for Ralts-line Courting rituals, where females judge male-appearances by their hair.

4.)To introduce some quirky Squick into this article, Gardevoir and Gallade's horns can emanate their emotions voluntarily, which makes sense to help "breastfeed" their Ralts/Kirlia offspring by drowning out negative emotions with their own positive ones, but can lead to some unique implications for Psychic-gifted trainers/people who frequently interact with their Gardevoir/Gallade (and tamed ones to ask their trainers for at least a shirt)

These are on the top of my head for now. I'm posting this because I want the community's opinions and ideas on the above, and a prelude for me posting my own altered entry into my favorite underestimatingly(is that a word?)-complex Pokemon.

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7436 PinkCelebi6th Aug 2013 10:15:35 AM from somewhere , Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
So I'v been looking and looking... And decided to write something about Blaze; was inspired by Neo Crimson's Flamethrower entry. But I still feel like I am missing something. Plus, some things might have better wording or something other to fix.


Description of effect

Fire-type moves become stronger when Pokémon is low on HP.

Physiological Response - Biological

All Fire-type Pokémon have the Pyro-Sac organ responsible for ability to use Fire-type moves. However, some of the Pokémon have shown ability to temporarily enhance it via burst of adrenaline that comes when they're fighting with the last bits of strength they have.

Physiological Response - Physical

None known besides those related to activing Ability, see below.

Psychological Response - Mental

This ability has no known effect on a Pokémon's mental processes or abilities.

In battle Response

When the Blaze Ability of Pokémon activates, the flames on its body burn much more intensely. Additionally, when an offensive Fire-type move is used, its power greatly increases.

Environmental Response

This ability has no known effect outside of battle.

Further Research

Researchers are currently studying how exactly the Ability affects Pyro-Sac and the fire Pokémon is using, largely in hope of even more effective heat-resistant items as well as higher-quality anti-burn medicine. Another research focuses on why Pokémon most likely to be seen with this Ability are group which Trainers nickname as "Fire-type starter Pokémon".

Pokémon with this ability

Currently, this Ability has been observed at 17 different Pokémon, with two of them having as a rare sub-group known as 'Hidden Ability', remaining 15 having it as their common Ability. The Pokémon with this Ability as common Ability are Charmander line, Cyndaquil line, Torchic line, Chimchar line and Tepig line, all of which are known to be sometimes handed out by Prof. Oak, Prof. Elm, Prof. Birch, Prof. Rowan and Prof. Juniper, respectively. The other two Pokémon which have this Ability as Hidden one are Pansear and Simisear.
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7437 J.N.L.J.7th Aug 2013 08:08:06 AM from Philippines
Professor Narra
@Pink Celebi

IMO, Maybe adrenaline itself doesn't cause the pyrosac to increase in intensity, but rather triggers a chemical reaction in the pyrosac that makes it synthesize chemicals that combust far more intensely, but cannot be conciously synthesized due to the inherent dangers of processing such chemicals, like when a person gains super strength in a pinch, but has to shut down other "non-essential" organs, and in the fire-pokemon's case the pyrosac undergoes not only greater stresses it is not built for, but the higher temperatures may run the risk of injuring itself in the long-term.

This is just my thought-out opinion to help you.
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7438 PinkCelebi7th Aug 2013 11:53:40 AM from somewhere , Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
Gah! All the smart scientifical stuff! *processing*

Not sure if I got it right, but adrenaline would... trigger a chemical reaction which create substance(s) that ignite much more powerful than normally, but cannot be always produced since Pyro-Sac wasn't built to withstand the greater pressure*and higher temperature could eventually lead to long-term selfinjury.

(Not really professional, but I guess that's somehow more simple language...*)

I wonder if similar explanations could be used for variations. (although changed, since eg. Water-type don't have pyro-sac, they have water bladder*)

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7439 J.N.L.J.7th Aug 2013 06:58:46 PM from Philippines
Professor Narra
@Pink Celebi

Helped fixed it for you:

[When the Pokemon experiences great pain and weakness, the body produces a unique adrenaline] that triggers a chemical reaction [in the Pyro-Sac], [creating] substance(s) that ignite [more powerfully] than normal, but cannot be produced [willingly] since [the] Pyro-Sac wasn't built to withstand the [excess strain] *, and the higher temperatures [risk] self-injury [over long-term use].

As for other types, they would need different explanations too lengthy to explain right now.


So no comments on my ideas on the Ralts-line? Guess I'll try and put up my version soon then.
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7440 AceOfScarabs7th Aug 2013 07:05:25 PM from Singapore , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
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Solar Beam seems like a directed energy beam of released solar power. I suggest Grassers that can fire Solar Beams have bioelectric storage for solar power, or a biochemical capacitor that can hold said solarpower until needed for photosynthesis or self-defense.
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7441 rmctagg097th Aug 2013 07:06:00 PM from Brooklyn, NY , Relationship Status: I won't say I'm in love
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[up][up] You're not supposed to put up your own version without at least trying getting in contact with the original author in question.

Anyway, #4 seems merely squicky for the sake of squick, which is something we like to avoid.

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7442 J.N.L.J.8th Aug 2013 12:09:19 AM from Philippines
Professor Narra
@rmctagg09 Thank you for telling me, don't mean any disrespect. I'll contact the author ASAP.

Btw, as far as #4 goes, sorry bout making the wording squick-oriented, but I think it still belongs somewhat.

What i meant was that the garde/galla horns have the ability to voluntarily drown out surrounding emotions by amplifying their own's "signal". I stress voluntarily, not another power incontinence. This would make "child-rearing" sense imo because the ralts/kirlia have their health physically tied to the emotions they perceive. It's akin to psychically shouting your emotions, so that the ralts/kirlia only hear the positiveness of their parents while censoring the negative outside emotions.

This isn't really squick because only psychic-gifted beings can sense emotions (I'm under the assumption not all people and pokemon are psychic/aura capable), so your simple trainer wouldn't be able to sense such in the first place, and should the garde/galla feel it inappropriate, they could just turn the ability off. Besides, they're merely amplifying what psychics can already sense just fine without.

Why this "can" be squick is when the garde/galla decide to blatantly share their emotions (the potential for squick depending on whether sexual tension is considered a positive/negative emotion), and/or if the trainer makes them think such emotions and then make the ability activate on command.

But it's just my thought-out opinion.

@Ace of Scarabs The biocapacitor hypothesis does make some sense, but I'd go with that those pokemon have evolved more efficient and more powerful mitochondria , explaining why whole sections of their body start to glow, rather than a secluded inner organ, as they charge up (ie. Turn vast amounts of ATP into energy).

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7443 Tangent1288th Aug 2013 11:26:30 AM from Virginia , Relationship Status: Gonna take a lot to drag me away from you
My thought on solar beam is that it operates the chloroplasts in reverse- ATP->Light instead of Light->ATP.

I would say to not go out of one's way to note potential squick in an article; what would a scientific publication be noting?

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7444 desdendelle8th Aug 2013 12:53:31 PM from outside your window and it's 04:00 , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Grey Crow
It's kinda odd that Solar Beam is light. Light has to go through a lens or something to be able to burn something the way Solar Beam does, AFAIK. Do Grass-types have lens in their mouths or something?
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7445 MusikMaestro8th Aug 2013 04:06:59 PM from Ireland , Relationship Status: Heisenberg unreliable
wild mass guess All grass types have teeth made of glass. wild mass guess
7446 J.N.L.J.9th Aug 2013 01:59:15 AM from Philippines
Professor Narra
@tangent128 Ugh... double-negative. So "to go out of one's way to potential squick in the article"? You mean i should not care about if there's squick or not? nah, maybe not. Anyway, i don't really mean to add squick, but i do mean to try and cover as much realistic implications as i can, leave no stone unsmashed, so-to-speak. So that potential trainers who do decide to take up the Ralts-line come fully prepped to handle their unique needs.

on the other hand... the thread IS called Just for Fun, meaning much of these entries should always be taken with a grain of salt.
Everything we hear is a opinion, not an orgasm.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the climax.
Just for Fun namespace on the project only means that it's not really part of the main wiki
7448 PinkCelebi9th Aug 2013 09:32:00 AM from somewhere , Relationship Status: TV Tropes ruined my love life
Added Blaze to wiki, as well as credited JNLJ.

(inb4 I did something wrong during the entire process)
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7449 desdendelle9th Aug 2013 09:55:39 AM from outside your window and it's 04:00 , Relationship Status: Buried in snow, waiting for spring
Grey Crow
I have a wacky solution for the Solar Beam deal. Grass-types are able to create thin, translucent membranes in their mouths — perhaps by hardening their saliva with an appropriate enzyme? — in order to facilitate the focussing of sunlight on their target.
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7450 J.N.L.J.9th Aug 2013 01:51:42 PM from Philippines
Professor Narra
@desdendelle Actually, you don't really need to focus sunlight if it's sufficiently-unhindered (not much things stopping it, ILMT): see, "raw" solar wind's actually pretty powerful, it's just that most of the radiation's been redirected by the planet's magnetosphere first, then is filtered by the radiation belt, then the Ozone layer, and finally the atmosphere itself. So the "sunlight" you need to "focus" with your magnifying lens? Without these safety filters, you'll find our planet actually being like Mercury, being stripped by Solar Wind daily.

How does this relate to Solar Beam? In theory, with sufficient charge, a Pokemon could replicate the "raw" solar wind, a power capable of turning oceans into dry wastelands. Even a few seconds of the pure stuff can be deadly, but considering how filtered sunlight is (as we know it), it makes sense how there's a need to charge up. Sunny Day is a move that thins out one of these filters, making the solar wind encounter less resistance, and thus less need to charge.

But the bigger question would be how to emit this beam, yes? At this realm, I can only speculate, but a quick look at Bulbapedia's anime entry into the how the move's implemented means it's not necessarily from the mouth:

Bulbasaur-line emits from the same place it absorbs: its bulb/flower

Sunflora emits it from the same place it absorbs: it's FACE

Meganium emits it at the apex of the place it absorbs: from the flowers on it's neck, then to it's mouth

Roselia emits it from its hands, which is also used to absorb

Sceptile absorbs from its tail, then emits from its mouth

Hypothesis: At charge-up stage (lasting a full combat round 3-10 seconds), a combination of Hyperdrived-chlorophyll (chlorophyll stimulated by special hormones/enzymes to absorb light so efficiently it might as well be a radiation black hole), then my Mitochondria-overdrive hypothesis churning vast amounts of ATP to absorb said energy (hell, maybe the Mitochondria might have to be triggered by more hormones to produce a different energy-molecule than ATP to cater to such energy demands);

at firing-stage (lasting depending on how much energy was stored), the ATP is redirected to a bio-focal point, where they are broken down and the energy released in one huge solar "burst" (akin to a solar flare on the sun's surface), the energy redirected efficiently at the opponent by powerful, but brief magnetic forces created near the bio-focal point (like a flashlight redirecting light through mirrors).

This is just my educated guess. Take it with a gulp of salt, eh?

quick edit: there's also another way that various Pokemon use, by gathering the sunlight at an external focal point to form a glowing orb, where it is then redirected into a beam of energy at an opponent. My guess is they skip the Hyperdrive-Chlorophyll and Mitochondria-overdrive stages and quickly go through magnetic containment, which is then released at the opponent. But it's beyond my scope as to how this would be more efficient, considering the space around the orb isn't turned into a psuedo-black hole during the charge-up phase.

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