Tropers: Pink Celebi

O, haiz.

I have some kind of OCD with maps, I'll guess. If there is a map in-game, usually I am going to explore the hell out of until it's full. I also like the game that are random, such as the beloved NetHack (which I play as Slash'EM) or the Minecraft which can ruin your life and is awesome in its sheer multitude of options.

The tropes time!

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  • Boss Dissonance: Dark Crater was much harder than the boss, Primal Dialga was much harder than the level.
  • Guide Dang It: This happened to me before I got internet. Machoke doesn't evolve via level? Dang it. Shedinja appears only with empty space? Dang it. You need to go to that door in Harmony of Dissonance with your rival's bracelet? Guide dang it. Pokérus? Guide dang it. Thanfully, averted with my first 1/8192 Shiny Pokémon.
  • That One Boss
  • That One Level
    • Dark Crater took a whole bunch of tries, while I attempted Darkrai just twice.
    • Also, Turbo Man in MM 8 BDM. GODDAMMIT OIL MAN.