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Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Regitnui [999]

Physical Descriptions

Regitnui is a Writer/Troper-type pokemon. He is half a meter long, and weighs 8.5 kilograms. His body is divided into two sections: head (actually a cephalothorax) and abdomen, which are separated by a cylindrical joint. Regitnui'sís head and abdomen are a pale green, with two large compound eyes, a small white horn (actually a spinneret) protruding from the center of his forehead, and two stubby red chelicerae. Regitnuiís mouth is on the underside of his head, and cannot be seen on a casual glance.

His head makes up about one third of Regitnuiís body. A pair of legs is attached about one third of the way along Regitnuiís body, at the gap between his head and abdomen. Another two pairs extend backwards from Regitnuiís cephalothorax, giving them the appearance of being spaced throughout his abdomen. Regitnui's legs are yellow, with a dark blue band around the joint.

Regitnuiís abdomen contains pigments that form a blue, face-like pattern on his back, which are used to startle would-be annoyances. These pigments will occasionally shift, causing the face to change. Rumors that the face-spot reflects Regitnuiís moods are unfounded, as Regitnui has no moods that a human being would recognise. At the tip of Regitnuiís abdomen are two small spinnerets, which can produce a stream of webbing on command.

Lore and History

Regitnui randomly appears to random people, randomly influencing events so that Real Life remains as full of tropes as possible. He believes in the virtue of the story above all else, regarding any 'planebound mortals' (as he refers to them) mere characters in a vast story.

[TRAINER'S NOTE: If Regitnui refuses to learn or use your name, you may be a Red Shirt. Avoid dangerous situations if at all possible.]

He considers writers, dramatists and those learned in the art of troping to be worthy of his notice, and may spend many hours interacting with them. He can be easily enticed by a good story, and may do favours for skilled writers he meets.

It is said he rides upon the back of a giant, flying, armored spider. Accounts of this creature's size vary, being variously large enough to carry only Regitnui, or large enough to hold an entire island civilisation on it's abdomen alone.

Known Sightings

Hard to verify, but he is most likely just behind you, reading over your shoulder for spelling and grammar mistakes.


Along with the webbing, which Regitnui uses to tie up bureaucrats and willfuly ignorant people who refuse to learn how to spell properly, he is also a skilled mage, favouring white and green mana though not above descending into the occasional lightning bolt.

If confronted, he will often summon inhumanly beautiful warrior angels to do his fighting for him. Other noted creatures in his retinue are spiders, often much larger than him, elephants, sandworms, dragons and a small contingent of knights and priests.


None, if you spell correctly and manage to impress him.

Otherwise, you can look forward to being stabbed, trampled, eaten, wrapped up in silk and eaten, burned, or wrapped up in silk, stabbed, trampled, slowly cooked over a low flame and then eaten. And that's only if you manage to encounter his attendants.

If you manage to merit personal attention from Regitnui himself [DATA EXPUNGED] .

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