Working on two possible Humanoid Abominations.:

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One of them may or may not be one, but definitely puts on an air of being 'unnatural,' and weaker willed people will be wondering "What ARE you?!" Still working out how to make him act and how he's gotten to where he is, but basically he's a Chaotic Neutral Unfettered who is obsessed with becoming a Reality Warper. In appearance, he sort of resembles Mao from Code Geass, but with greenish hair and is covered in tattoos.

The other is probably closer to being one but still questionable. Also, she is good alignment. Basically, she was part of a government experiment to create an army of Godmode Sue types...and in her case it has Gone Horribly Right because she now has limited omniscience and limited ability to travel through time, which she is now using to quietly kill some of the Complete Monster types who are part of the project. Yeah, TV Tropes has influenced me way too much. :p The way she attained this power was through 'uniting' with a captured beast from another galaxy, and now she has some of its organs and blood in place of her own. The beast found her worthy and shared its essence with her.

Now then, I suppose the questions are...what are some ways to convey an unnatural air for a character, and is the second one truly a Humanoid Abomination?

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An accurate depiction
Try Uncanny Valley. Most often, the difference will be very subtle, either in proportions or in the air that the expression of the face is somewhat inhuman.
This is this.
Certainly worth a try.

Any opinion on the second character?
Well, think over what effect limited omniscience and time travel would have on your understanding, etc, and reorganize her personality to take those skills for granted. Then think of how that might appear to others.

She'd know way too much, and might let that slip on occasion, at the very least by not reacting normally to surprises (either acting unsurprised or trying to fake surprise and not succeeding). Depending on the type of time travel, I could see her being confused about what time it is and what order things are happening in - eg telling someone that something has happened, when it's actually about to happen. Sudden shifts in behavior, appearance and/or location might be observed, if they see two versions of her that are several hours apart from her timeline, but 2 minutes from theirs. Just some ideas.
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Excellent points. If I am understanding you right, you're basically saying that because of how weird she'd end up acting because of her newfound abilities, that might make her seem unnatural enough to qualify as a Humanoid Abomination albeit a good and noble one?
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