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The Nintendo 3DS :

Mr. Dr.
We need a general thread to discuss this upcoming console. Here are my personal list of Wishes and WMG I hope that it has (feel free to share):

Wish: List of games I hope that the Nintendo 3DS includes
  • Kirby 64: Crystal Shards
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Luigi's Mansion
  • Mario Kart (specifically Double Dash, but any MK game would be good)
  • Pokemon Snap
  • Sonic Racing
  • Mozilla Firefox (hey, they did it for Opera)
  • Kirby Air Ride
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Super Mario Galaxy 3D
  • WarioWare 3D (although I'm fairly certain this will come out)
  • Okami
  • Paper Mario

The Nintendo 3DS will sell more than a billion copies the first weekend. I will definitely contribute to this

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Game Master
Pokemon Stadium would be redundant, and there is already a Mario Kart game in store for the 3DS.
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It looks awesome, I want one. I still have a crummy old normal DS, not even one of the fancy "lite" ones. I'm glad I didn't spring for a DSi.

 4 Bur, Sun, 19th Sep '10 4:19:16 PM from Flyover Country Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall stay me from picking my 3DS on release day.

I know that this is wishful thinking, but I hope that eventually there's a Silent Hill game on it. Silent Hill 3DS: Now skullfucking you in an extra dimension.

 5 Wild Knight, Sun, 19th Sep '10 4:21:30 PM from the wasteland.
Dude, I want a 3DS yesterday, but I'm pretty sure nothing has sold a billion units ever. Except maybe toilets.
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 6 Komodin, Sun, 19th Sep '10 4:29:48 PM from Somewhere in Windy Hill Zone Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
The Sonic Wiki Curator
"Sonic Racing"? You mean, like, that Sonic R game for the Sega Saturn?

Either way, they did said that there will be a Sonic game for the 3DS.

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I'm pretty excited for the 3DS. The graphics make me HNNNNNNNNNNNNNG my pants. 8D
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The Fastest Man Alive
Yeah, I'm pretty pumped for this! I mean, Goldeneye! On the go! SWEET!
 9 dmysta 3000, Sun, 19th Sep '10 6:48:50 PM from New York and New Jersey Relationship Status: Don't hug me; I'm scared
Any new news From TGS about the 3DS?
There's a rumored date for it being released on November the 22th

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360 Gamertag: Electivirus. 3DS friend code: 5412-9983-8497. PSN ID: Electivirus. PM me if you add me on any.
Totally Not a Schoolboy
^ surprised

Wow, looks like I'll be able to shelve my flashcart sooner than I thought (Why yes I do think that the 3DS' ability to do game installs is freaking awesome) Or not... I really hope that the new Paper Mario game is one of the launch titles...

edited 19th Sep '10 7:28:06 PM by CaptainNapalm

Always Right
Needs a 3D DokiDokiMajoShinpan

Oh, and a 3D Lost Magic, perhaps a 3D sequel to The World Ends with You as well.

What games would specifically go well with 3D? Oh, Izuna and Shiren roguelike games I guess.

Anyone have any links to videos or trailers that showcases the console's 3D? Like seeing the thing in action in 3D?
On the other hand, I heard rumors that it's gonna be pretty ungodly expensive as well. sad

edited 19th Sep '10 7:24:35 PM by Signed

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Totally Not a Schoolboy
^ Considering that I paid $250 for a PSP-1000, it'll take a lot for this thing to be "ungodly expensive" in my book...
 14 Meophist, Sun, 19th Sep '10 7:27:02 PM from Toronto, Canada
Why yes I do think that the 3DS' ability to do game installs is freaking awesome
I think you're misunderstanding the feature. What the installations allow you to do is use Tag Mode features even if the game isn't in the slot. I doubt it'll let you actually play the games without the game card, except maybe demos.

edited 19th Sep '10 7:27:14 PM by Meophist

Totally Not a Schoolboy
^ Aww, that's it? Well that bites...

EDIT: Hmm, explain all of the mentions of a Nikkei article that claims that the thing can actually boot games without a cart though?

edited 19th Sep '10 7:32:19 PM by CaptainNapalm

Mr. Dr.
Here's a nice video displaying the 3DS's hands on features. The 3D's doesn't quite work on video, but it at least gives you a sense of depth.
Who wants to play Video Games!
Always Right
Video won't play, had to find other videos...

Kinda pissed that I can't see the 3D though. Dammnit....I wanna see 3D in a handheld without the gay glasses!

I wonder how many games will have jiggle physics incorporated? Hmmm...."The Legend of Zelda: The Princess's Jiggle"!
"Every opinion that isn't mine is subjected to Your Mileage May Vary."
Totally Not a Schoolboy
^ Well, there is a DOA game confirmed...
Always Right
Unless it's Doki Doki Majo Shinpan (which I like specifically because of how...potentially "offensive" it could be to most people around me, and innovatively it makes use of the touchscreen), I'm generally not too big a fan of sexually charged games for the sake of them being sexually charged...if I want those games, I'd play an Eroge instead...or download Rapelay as a silent Take That to Straw Feminists.

I like fanservice in normal games that usually doesn't have or need fanservice...and not make it subtle.

Like Legend of Zelda where Zelda wore something stripperiffic. Or Resident Evil with those alternate costumes.

Fanservicey games for the sake of fanservice? Unless it's the game mentioned above or have other merits, not interested.

You know, they should make a Queen's Blade game for DS or 3DS!

Or Bangai-O! game in 3D. Imagine dodging a bullet hell in 3D!
In fact, does it exist? A 3D Bullet Hell. And none of those cheap crap, like "blocking", or moments of invulnerability when you dodgeroll.

edited 19th Sep '10 9:30:51 PM by Signed

"Every opinion that isn't mine is subjected to Your Mileage May Vary."
Mr. Dr.
Does anyone else think an Okami game for 3DS might be pretty cool?
Who wants to play Video Games!
Totally Not a Schoolboy
^ YES!
Only Sane Fox
I'm actually more interested in how easy or hard it will be for the emulation community to emulate the system.
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 23 AC Drawings, Sun, 19th Sep '10 10:44:16 PM from MY PERSONAL REALITY
Portable Smash Bros? DO WANT!

Kirby and the Crystal Shards? HELLZ YES!

Portable Okami? DO WANT!

Jiggle physics? NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! Not in my pure and innocent Nintendo!

Anyways, the 3DS=AWESOME

^EDIT: Huh... You have a point. I doubt it can be done well.

edited 19th Sep '10 10:44:57 PM by ACDrawings

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 24 Sparky Lurkdragon, Sun, 19th Sep '10 11:28:04 PM from Southeastern Oregon, USA
I'm still completely serious when I say I want a Hey You Pikachu remake or rerelease. The mic's built in, so it'd be less of an issue than with the Wii Virtual Console...

Some kind of Virtual Console Portable would rock, anyway. Just switch off the 3D effect and you're good to go. I still wanna play Return of Samus.
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Only Sane Fox
On the emulation issue, a big factor in the difficulty will be how similar it is to the original DS, which already has emulators for it working to various degrees. If it's very similar, then large parts of the code for DS emulation will be able to be re-used for 3DS emulation. As for the auto-stereoscopic aspects, I suspect they can probably be disabled and the rendering done with just a single 3D viewpoint.
Accidental mistakes are forgivable, intentional ones are not.
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