All Tropers Are Evaluated Three Months After Getting Known.:

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If you're a troper, than three months after getting known, people will start to notice and evaluate your edits, and argue with you in discussion pages. Before that, you're under their radar. If you are evaluated and considered good in that evaluation, you gain acceptance by the Troper Hive-mind. If you fail, your edits will be reverted, your tropes will be renamed, and people will generally ignore you.

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Apparently I passed then. My first launch is a thriving page.
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Well, that's odd. A thread with no OP. It goes straight to post 2.

Major Tom, were you able to see it?

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Are you running an ignore add-on?
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Pst, it's a joke

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Three months after getting known is the metric for your worth in the eyes of tropekind? ... That bodes poorly for me.
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I've only had edits reverted in two cases (that I know of):
  • A justifying edit removed from Darth Wiki (shame on me)
  • A YMMV pothole removed from a works page I launched.
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No, you see, Haven, you're so valuable that they crashed the server in an attempt to find a proper form of reverance for you.
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As far as I am aware, only one person has gone around reverting any of my edits, and I am fairly certain that's because we fall on opposite sides of Your Mileage May Vary Alternate Character Interpretation.
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False: Me Sah Gonna Die, one month after I joined, I tried setting up a page about episodes where The Scrappy is going to die but doesn't and Executives make a big deal of creating a drama that the Scrappy might die. Neelix never died, Wesley never died, Andrew, 3rd Nerd in New Buffy never died. It was Flame War until I surrendered and the page was killed.

2 months after I joined, Convicted By Counterfactual, I added an Abraham Lincoln example which was killed.

Theory: they evaluate you in prime number months.
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