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(Latter half of topic title would probably have been the same had an old episode been aired instead, judging from some forum-watching.)
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Why the frak does this news have to break when I'm at work, and not at home where I can download fansubs?
Alright, came back from looking for subs. God damn it, there's nothing out yet.

Between Umineko no Naku Koro ni, the new season of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei, and this, the summer's looking up!

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It just aired (as in started airing) about an hour ago. The raws aren't even out yet, and any subs will be of the low-quality speed-sub type.

I'm neglecting my assignment just to watch the Internet asplode in real time.
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I shall join in amusedly when I get home.
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dkellis: It just aired (as in started airing) about an hour ago. The raws aren't even out yet, and any subs will be of the low-quality speed-sub type.

Not stopping people from trying....

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Should be fun to see how fast they can sub it. The fastest I've seen one come out was something like 7 hours.

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10 SomeGuy21st May 2009 11:24:36 AM from totally uncool town
Some Guy

I'd heard that there was going to be a second season, but never any confirmation on when it would happen. And even now info is scarce.

What exactly is going on?
See you in the discussion pages.
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Short explanation: Haruhi started doing a 2009 run of new episodes interspersed with old ones (in light-novel "chronological" order, with 28 in all)... except with all of the waiting and the hype and occasional odd behavior from the distributors (such as Haruhi-chan), people thought that there was a possibility that this would all be a giant troll and that there would be no new episodes (instead something silly like a double-airing of the first series). A new episode for "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody" aired today, which pretty much settles the issue.

I think.
Quick-and-dirty summary of events:

After a series of wild speculations (fuelled mostly by anime magazines and publications) and assorted "announcements" from Kadokawa that the second season was cancelled, except not, except yes, except not, so on and so forth. Nobody knows if this is because of actual production issues, or if they were trying to do viral marketing of some sort.

Some form of the Suzumiya Haruhi anime was discovered to be slated to be aired for the Spring 2009 season. This was hyped up by magazines, until it was revealed that it would only be a rerun of the first season.

Then the "rerun" was discovered to be for two seasons' worth of episodes, and the speculation started again. This was even lampshaded in the lyrics for the opening song for the spinoff Haruhi-chan shorts.

The rerun went in chronological order (as opposed to the Anachronic Order of the original broadcast), with few surprises (the rerun aired the DVD version, complete with minor additional scenes and even more minor corrections to animation errors).

A couple of weeks ago, the website for a television station revealed the title for the episode to be aired today, "Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody", which had never been aired before. This was mysteriously taken down in the interim, but today, it turned out that it was true, and it's a brand new episode.

The next three episodes will be from the first season, and we know nothing further than that. Apparently they're running both the first season and the new "second season" episodes as one series, with the new episodes filling in the chronological gaps.

All we know now is that a never-before-seen episode just aired, sans opening theme, and with a brand new (non-dancing) ending theme. It is safe to assume that more new episodes will follow, thus forming the "second season" (despite being interspersed with first season episodes).

I have no idea how to explain this in the series page. Not at this hour, anyway.

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Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh YES YES YES YES YES YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
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scratching at .8, just hopin'
Whoopee. I'm going to Anime North tomorrow and this will be the only thing everyone will be talking about for days. :P
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Oh, okay.

Sneaky. Very sneaky. Using the Internet's penchant for rumour and hype like that. I like it!

So we can expect Disappearance about three weeks from now?
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But isn't that...good?
Well, it was fun while it lasted, I guess.
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Servbot: So we can expect Disappearance about three weeks from now?

I've seen about seven million potential episode line-ups, but general consensus appears to be that it'll air towards the second half of the run (so probably sometime in July or August).
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@GMH: .... I'm just going to back away slowly now. ^_^ The character is Ahiru from Princess Tutu. She's cute, isn't she.

I can't wait till they fansub this... I'm going to watch it ASAP and liveblog my every thought!
There is glory for those who defy their fate.
@MPV: Yes, that she is.

And sorry, I'm not a huge fan of Haruhi. Then again, granted, I haven't actually watched the show myself, so all I know about it are based on two sources:
  • the endless wanking discussion about the show on internet fora and IRC
  • various YouTube Poop videos
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Haruhi, YTP? Really? From personal experience, it's indeed Better Than It Sounds.

I'm psyched that the inklings of the second season is finally coming through — seems Kadokawa decided to not hype it; Haruhi-chan served as an effective distraction.

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Pika Hikari KT: ... seems Kadokawa decided to not hype it....

No, they just leaked random stuff and let the fans do it for them. ;)
They played us like a harp. I bow to their marketing abilities.
Pika Hikari KT: The only things that haven't appeared on YouTube Poop are things that have flown under the radar for so long.

And yes, I'm working on a V.R. Troopers poop.

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