Theatre / The Winter Guest

The Winter Guest is a 1995 play by Sharman MacDonald (mother of Keira Knightley) that deals with four different relationships over the course of one freezing cold day in a village on the east coast of Scotland. Frances, a photographer, is hiding away from the world after the death of her husband and is being pestered by her mother, Elspeth. Her son, Alex, skips school and spends the day trying to chat up Nita, who he's just met. Also dogging it are Sam and Tom, who hang out on the deserted beach for the day. They pass by Chloe and Lily, two elderly women who spend their days attending strangers' funerals.

In 1997, it was made into a film starring Emma Thompson as Frances and her mother Phyllida Law as Elspeth.

Provides examples of: