We are all characters in escapist fiction:

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In the real real world, the tropes that we associate with fiction are actually aspects of everyday life, making life stressful for nearly everyone. As a result, people in that world write escapist fiction in which people lead what we think of as boring, normal lives, but they think of as the ultimate dream life of being able to relax and not living in constant fear of the villain's next move. We are all the characters within this fiction, and each person's life is a different story.

To take it one step further: these writers, as a bit of meta-humor, insert their real world into our fictional world as the fiction that we read and write. So our fiction is actually an accurate depiction of the real world, in which we are fictional characters.
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2 toiletbomber6th Sep 2010 10:00:47 AM from Nowhere in Everywhere
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So people in fictional worlds write their heroic tales as a way of escaping...our world of tropes?
3 Seamus6th Sep 2010 12:39:57 PM from the Quantum Savanna
4 ImipolexG6th Sep 2010 03:29:03 PM from all our yesterdays
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I'm not sure this explains why the writers of this escapism choose to fill it with crap like wars and murders and diseases, etc.
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5 OOZE6th Sep 2010 03:31:37 PM from Transsexual,Transylvania
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I had an idea exactly the opposite of that one. That since our fiction is far more exciting than Real Life, Real Real Life is incredibly boring compared to our life. The world consists entirely of cubicles and desks, where people spend all of their time working through beauracracy that in the end is uttely meaningless because there are no things for the beauracracy to effect, it's just pages and pages of bearacracy for bearacracy's sake. There is no sex, or for that matter love or attraction of any kind. Humans are sexless and reproduce by spontaneously creating adult humans, born with their business suits on. There is no death, and humans born into this world must live there forever, And I Must Scream style. Fiction is incredibly rare, and the little that does exist has been banned. But the few secret rebels that have fiction... have fiction about us.
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idea Kind of like Stranger Than Fiction, but the incredibly boring version? Kind of... dull.
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7 TheFan7th Sep 2010 03:08:19 AM from Anyway the wind blows
Stranger Than Fiction was boring

Then what about a Show Within a Show? Is that a show within a show within a show? And who's to say that the level above ours isn't just another layer before the next, and then next, and the next! IT'S AN ENDLESS RECURSION OF SHOWS WITHIN SHOWS!
I planned that all along, Fan. -Kinkajou
I've actually thought something like this. Nightmare Fuel indeed.

And wouldn't that make all Tropers Wrong Genre Savvy?
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