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101 TsundeRay7th Oct 2011 05:25:34 AM from Santa Clara, California
New Game+. Antlia Boss Rush simulator. Currently on Carina and already at level 54.

Finished Neutral, so I'm going for the Thousand-Year Kingd—I mean Law. Disappointingly, my name is not blue yet despite making lawful-seeming choices.

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102 TsundeRay14th Oct 2011 12:43:03 AM from Santa Clara, California
oh dear god Aniel and Kazfiel are assholes

Their prerequisite for battle: Average party level < 45.

I'm level 78. I'm stuck using low-level cannon fodder demons.

Protip: If you want their super special Law-only thing: Don't power level.
slice of lice
My god, the last parts of the last dungeon, Horologium. You know where the music starts to change to become epic?


I inched every corner of every square and didn't find shit, and then i just used a guide because i'd wasted a month of on-and-off checking.

I need to finish this, but I lent my DS away.

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Forget the tropes until after you're done.
104 TsundeRay14th Oct 2011 01:34:39 AM from Santa Clara, California
Sector Grus. The New Game+ section. THREE-LAYER ONE-WAY MAZE I AM GOING TO ENJOY THIS *readies tables for flipping*
105 Joaqs6th Nov 2012 03:44:42 PM from Argentina
Técnico Electromecánico
I am playing this game, I just finished Antila and just disembarked in Bootes. Did some exploration there and I know I will hate the damaging floor mechnic sad
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