The Ice Queen of Winter:

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She is the darkness in the night. She turns your steamy breath to ice. She lingers in the air and brings frost and despair. Behold, what thing dares wander into her parlour? The winged Christmas train? Full of young, affable children? Ahh, yes. She shall show them Winter is not all glitter. It bites also.

I have a wary, cold-hearted force of nature called Tsugumi. At first an abstract force of nature, she is Winter's dark half — the half that gives you frostbite, chills and blizzards. (Not a good half at that.)

She will be an antagonist in a Christmas themed fairy-tale; where she can overrun the hearts of poor, unfortunate children with her own, and face off against the saviour prince in an epic duel. Like ice, she is reserved, distant and calculating in order to propagate her way of feeling that bitterness is all that can be in the world.

She was once a person, like me, like you. Long time ago, her heart was broken so much that she wandered into the blizzards seemingly never to return.

Now I wonder, to make her as memorable a villain as possible, what interesting traits do you think she could have? (Such as powers? or personality?)

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Hmmmm. Well, why not give her an unique appearance or presence? Maybe her skin resembles crystal or the tempreture drops wherever she goes (candles going out, frost appears on the windows etc)
Theres sex and death and human grime in monochrome for one thin dime and at least the trains all run on time but they dont go anywhere.
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I am thinking about what her personality, but all I am getting is tropes.  * Can you flesh out her backstory? Maybe you could ask yourself these questions to focus yourself on the character:

  • What was she like before she was in that relationship?  *
  • Who was she in a relationship with?  *
  • How was her relationship before the breakup?
  • What events caused the breakup?
  • How did the breakup happen?
  • Why did she choose to go wandering in the middle of a blizzard, instead of going to her family/friends?
  • Why did she return as a villain?

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