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The realm of dreams and the realm of waking. Always, they exist simutaneously. The dreams, once upon touching into the realm of waking, they dissipate, vanishing into thin air. What if reality became dreams, and dreams became reality?

The City of Archwood is now under... mysterious circumstances. There are people that are starting to get trapped in their own dreams, little by little, but surely they fall into comas. They never wake up, and soon they're lost for good. The dreams they had for tomorrow are what trap them. They can't escape eternal bliss because they don't want to escape it. The dreams haunt the waking world. They transform and reform it into something inhuman, into something dark. What's worse is, creatures called Shadows inhabit these realms, almost protecting the Dreamer from the reality of the world.

A similar incident was ''rumored'' to have happened in Japan where people were thrown into T Vs, but now it's happening Stateside. Now it's up to a new Generation of Persona users to find out what's going on in their beloved city of Archwood.

I'm really lazy so I'm reusing a location.

  • Archwood City: This is where everything happens! A city with many different things to do and see. Buildings as high as the eye can see, a main district with shops that house everything you can imagine (Even the kinky stuff)! Apartment complex after apartment complex. Oh, it also has a wide string of casinos.
  • Archwood Pier: This is pretty straight forward. This is where all of the ships coming to Archwood dock.
  • Archwood Ghetto: This is.. probably the most dangerous part of the island. It sees the most gang activity and it's where most of the violence happens. Run down houses, people trying to scrape together enough money to make a living, it's not a pleasant experience.
  • Redrock Town: A suburb that lies on the outside of Archwood. The description is pretty mundane, so have a picture!
  • Abandoned Manor: An island that houses one of the many landmarks around Archwood. It's said to have housed a ancient vampire in years passed and it's a hot spot for those interested in the supernatural. The island has a newly renovated dock so others can come and see it. A forest surrounds the old manor, adding to the creepy atmosphere.Picture!
  • Archer's Peak: An old light house named after the founder of the city. It's now abandoned, and a popular tourist attraction and landmark. Lighthouse!
  • Brunhild Bridges: The twin bridges that connect Archwood to the mainland. They look something like this.
  • Archwood Lake: A large lake that lies outside of the main Archwood City and next to the two main parks. Water!
  • Archwood State Park: It's your typical state park with some hotdog stands, pretty trees and wildlife. Nothing special.
  • Archwood State Amusement Park: It's a theme park with a lot of rides! What more is there to say?
  • Brine Beach: It's a beach. Pretty beach.
  • The Church: This is a rather eerie place. An abandoned church that serves no purpose in the modern day.Something like this.
  • De la Macha: The famous Spanish founded city that's connected to Archwood via the Brunhild Bridges. Archwood City is the main attraction, and others just treat De le Mancha as a resting stop before the main city. It looks something like this.
  • Le Mancha Forest: As Archwood is famous for its different attractions, De le Mancha is famous for its wild life and the forest aptly called Le Mancha Forest. It's not a State Park so to say, but the forest itself is very famous. The forest.
  • Phoenix Road: The road that goes North past Chico de Aqua and further up the coast. You can see the difference from its sister road.
  • Feather Road: A road that passes through Deadway and down below Le Mancha Forest to get to the Southern end of the state. The road itself.
  • Chico de Aqua: What was once a small settlement during the Gold Rush in California. It's now a small community that can be defined as De le Mancha's suburb. Here we are.
  • Aqua Mineshaft: The mineshaft used in the far past. It never collapsed and has withstood the test of time. Here we are.
  • Deadway: A desert that's only referred to as Deadway. Something like this.


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Appearance:
  • Weapon: (Sword, kunai, fencing blade, fists, guns, what?)
  • Catalyst: (In this RP, the way people summon their Persona is by having an important object, something that means something to them (A ring, a coin, a scarf? Really anything.) if they have it on them, they're able to summon their Persona!)
  • Arcana: (What Arcana are they? Some information can be found here. Arcana
  • Personality:
  • History:

  • Note: If you want to have a character with the Wild Card, PM me first and we'll discuss it.

  • Persona Name: (Personas are usually from religious texts, myths, pretty much any kind of old literature! So feel free to choose!)
  • Persona Appearance:
  • Strengths: (Elemental, physical, stat-wise? What?)
  • Weaknesses: (Same as above but the opposite. What's their weaknesses?)
  • Magic: A list of elemental/support spells can be found here.
  • Specials: Attacks unique to the Persona that you're using. Make something up, but be fair! I'll evaluate them. These use your own life force to cast too so... consider the health of the character.


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  • Name: Reiki Ademson
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Female
  • Appearance: "Ahhh... dunno."
  • Weapon: Broad Sword
  • Catalyst: A ring with three gemstones (Saphire, ruby and a topaz) on her right hand.
  • Arcana: Fool/Wild Card
  • Personality: A girl that's a bit too talkative for her own good. She's also single-minded, so whatever she puts her mind to, she sticks to it. This also ends up biting her in the ass most of the time. She's quick to make friends and quicker to make enemies of those who hurt her friends. She's pretty insecure about her chest, but that's not really a defining character trait in any regard. An all-in-all nice girl that's willing to help anyone that needs it! This is what pushes her to find the mystery behind these comas.
  • History: A girl who's grown up in the city of Redrock Town ever since she was a lass. Reiki's father is single ever since her mother died in a car accident with her Grandmother a long time ago while she was taking them to the hospital one morning. This was when Reiki was young, and ever since then she's been afraid of the concept of death and the concept of ending. Reiki grew increasingly paranoid as time went on, but eventually she settled down, putting her past behind her. Her father does her best to raise her, and Reiki appreciates it. The only thing she has left to remember her mother by is the three-jeweled ring she always carries with her. Recently, she's been working her ass off to try and save those who have fallen into comas after discovering her hidden power with her Persona, Gilgamesh. She's saved three people tops, but it's getting to her and she can't keep this up for much longer.

  • Persona Name: Gilgamesh
  • Persona Appearance: The First Myth
  • Strengths: Gilgamesh has high magic and high attack, can dish out tons of pain!
  • Weaknesses: Gilgamesh suffers from low magical and physical defense, making him a Glass Cannon and has a weakness to Ice.
  • Magic:
    • Ziodyne: A high level lightning attack that deals major damage to a single target or three in a row.
    • Mazio: A low level ightning attack that attacks all foes in the vicinity of Reiki.
    • Mighty Charge: An attack that focuses all of Reiki's energy into her next attack. Practically doubles the strength of her next physical or magical attack. Used in conjunction with Blade of Rupture can prove to be fatal.
    • Rebellion: A magic attack that gives everyone in the vicinity around Reiki a MAJOR attack boost, including enemies.
  • Specials:
    • Blade of Rupture: Gilgamesh's sword glows a bright red as he slashes it down to inflict major damage on a single foe. Takes at least 50% of Reiki's life force to use.

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A Persona RP not long after Persona 4 Arena comes out and right after I redownload P 3 FES? Guess I'm only a *little* interested. (I'll have a character up tommorrow methinks)
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  • Name: Alice Masen

  • Age: 22

  • Gender: Female

  • Appearance: Yep, glasses and all

  • Weapon: A broom stick with a metallic cap on both ends

  • Catalyst: a small rag doll

  • Arcana: Priestess

  • Personality: Relatively cold and difficult if you don't know her, but once you do she is a bit of a goofy character, and relatively talkative. A bit superstitious

  • History: Granddaughter of Hispanic immigrants who moved out of the country to flee from a curse. Their family hasn't ever been the richest or the luckiest but they managed too pull through. A great blow came recently where Grandma, the core of the family, died. Among her heritage there was a mysterious rag doll, about the size of an open palm, that resembled an angel.


  • Persona Name: Etelvina

  • Persona Appearance: The one on the right of course

  • Strength: Magic and speed, Fire and wind

  • Weakness: Not particularly durable, ice and light

  • Magic:
    • "Agi": Here illustrated by creating fiery cubes, about the size of basketballs, and launching them
    • "Dia": basic healing magic illustrated by magical stitching.
    • "Dorminar": A puff of purple smoke that makes their affected sleepy.
    • "Rakukaja" Creates a veil if spiritual energy around the target, it provides some protection.

  • Specials:
    • "Great Witch Burning": Boosts hers and others fire based techniques on exchange of a third of her health.

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[up] Use some bullets. Add History and it's accepted! May I ask if Etelvina is from some type of mythology or is she original?

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Fixed, and Etelvina is sort of a local myth of an old lady that was rumored to be a witch, whether it was rumor or truth well, no one knows for sure
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[up] Ah, alright then. I'll accept it.
8 Sanojutsu22nd Aug 2012 08:26:11 PM from Throne Room Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Norwegian Wood
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Glad to be on board
The graceless warrior, wielder of the edgeless blade, prophet of the old religions, writer of fluent nonsense, saviour of soul and song.

Being more ambiguous.
I'm not sure about joining this, but I think that you want to link to this page or this page for the skills list. Your link goes to the spells for the original Megami Tensei game, which lacks physical skills.

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[up] You were right, I changed it. Thank you!
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Might join this.
I've got new mythological machinery, and very handsome supernatural scenery.

Goodfae: a mafia web serial
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Name: Alex Anderson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance:Alex is tall, pale, and slim, with a slight muscle tone. He has short dark brown hair and dark green eyes. He is always wearing his red and blue scarf.

Weapon: Fists

Catalyst: A red and blue striped scarf that he is virtually always wearing.

Arcana: Strength

Personality: Alex wears his emotions on his sleeve, and frequently speaks his mind without considering the ramifications. He may not be incredibly bright, but he is not dumb and he never gives up on anything he does. Strangely optimistic for someone in his situation.

History: Alex was only four when his father, a cop, was killed in action during a shootout. Ever since he has been with his mother, who in recent years has become a drug addict. The two now live in Archwood Ghetto. However, Alex has his fathers lucky scarf to keep him warm, and keep his spirits up in this darker period of his life.


Persona Name: Oni

Persona Appearance: Here ya go

Strengths: Physical

Weaknesses: Elemental

Magic: Single shot- Inflicts a small amount of damage on one enemy. Herculean Strike- Inflicts moderate amount of damage on all enemies. Agi- Inflicts small amount of fire damage on enemies.

Specials: Oni's Strength- The Oni lends Alex his strength which nearly triples it, but it costs half of his health to use. (Sorry if it sucks, not so great at this partsad)
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I have a feeling that I did this horrendously wrong, as I'm not entirely familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei series, but here goes...

  • Name: Ken Underwood
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Appearance: Tall and fairly fit with brown eyes and short brown hair. His favored manner of dress is blue jeans with a tucked in t-shirt ,covered by an opened button down shirt.
  • Weapon: 9mm pistol with suppressor. Engraved on the handle is the word “Peace” and written in white-out in the silencer is the word “Quiet”.
  • Catalyst: A light blue MP3 player with earbuds.
  • Arcana: The Hermit
  • Personality: Most people would say that Ken doesn’t possess a personality. They would be partially right. Headphones Equal Isolation definitely applies here. He’s a very private person who only opens up to a select few. This doesn’t mean that he’s rude. In fact, he’s very polite and personable. He’s just not very talkative or outgoing.
  • History: Ken comes from a military family who moved from place to place many times during his youth. After so many times of having to fit in to a new school and make friends, then being ripped from that world and thrust into a new, unfamiliar world only to have to repeat the process over and over again, he became jaded and introverted. He doesn’t even bother to talk to anyone unless they speak to him first. The one thing he claims has kept him sane through his “adventures” is his MP3 player, which hold all of his memories of “past lives” in the form of music that he’s gathered over the years. He’s only recently discovered his Persona and has only used him in a few battles so far. As of now, he lives in Redrock Town, at the end of a cul de sac. It’s the house with tan siding, maroon shutters, and the giant Hummer H2 in the driveway.


  • Name: Cerberus, Guardian of the Underworld
  • Persona Appearance: You know, your standard three-headed dog.
  • Strengths: Physical Attack and Defense
  • Weaknesses: Negative Status effects (specifically Sleep)
  • Magic:
    • Twin Shot – Two low-powered shots to a single foe.
    • ”Arrow” Rain – Two shots per enemy. Moderate damage.
    • Foul Breath – Nasty Hellhound breath that causes enemies to be more susceptible to negative status effects and light/darkness spells
  • Specials: Tear Asunder: At a cost of 66.6(repeating)% of Ken’s life force, Cerberus latches onto a foe with all three heads, tearing in three different directions for massive damage.

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Oh, Persona RP. Nifty. Mind if I join with my different time zones and bad English? :3

  • Name: Allistair Richardson
  • Age: 18
  • Appearance: Classy. As for his clothing of choice, Allistair prefers black trenchcoats and leather gloves over everything else. The glasses in picture are only his reading glasses. Is unusually lanky. Has hazel eyes and dark-brown hair, carefully combed.
  • Weapon: Armsel Striker with a silencer to avoid attracting attention. Hidden under trenchcoat.
  • Catalyst: A pentagram made from desert rose, worn as a pendant. Allistair never takes it off, even in his sleep.
  • Arcana: Tower
  • Personality: While he tries to keep being polite and out-going, too many things tend to immensly irritate him, whether it's the presence of idiots around him or some unlucky string of events that makes him question the sanity of civilization. Effectively winds up being a heavy snarker or even a downright ass. He means well, of course, but still... Stands firmly with his philosophy of La Veyan Satanism(one of the reasons he keeps a shotgun with himself most of the time).
  • History: Born in a wealthy British family, Allistair is the only heir to the Richardson's fortune. Well, at least he was until his fiveteenh birthday when he openly declared to his parents - both ardent Anglicans - that he's a La Veyan Satanist. Cue his parents promptly disinheriting him out of family and giving the rights to the Richardson fortune to Allistair's younger sister, Sonia. As it turned out, it wasn't a good idea: Spoiled girl fairly quickly wasted most of her parents' wealth. Cue three years later. Depoverished Richardson family moved to Archwood to savor the very least of their fortune and, perhaps, try to start everything over again. Currently occupying a modest villa in Redrock Town, Allistair was leaving a pretty boring life, delighting himself with an upper-middle class being, up until mysterious events of comas in Archwood. Deciding that this might be an interesting thing to do in his spare time, Allistair decided to start a research on comas. That's when he realized there's something that might help him out in this task...

  • Persona: Chaos
  • Appearance: Here. According to Allistair, Chaos itself can assume several forms, but decided to stick with this one to avoid confusion.
  • Strengths: Completely blocks Darkness and Light-based attacks. Is also highly resistant to Status Debuffs. Has above-than-average Physical Defense.
  • Weaknesses: Takes increased damage from Almighty, Fire and Electricty-based attacks. Has less-than-average Magical Defense.
  • Magic:
    • Atom Smasher - Viciously mutilating the mind of Chaos' opponents, deals moderate damage to all enemies with a chance of inflicting Fear.
    • Poison Mist - From the depths of Chaos comes the horrible force. 30% chance to inflict Poison on all enemies.
    • Stagnant Air - Hard to say what it might be, but surely it's unpleasant. Increases susceptibility to status ailments, darkness and light-based attacks to enemies and allies alike.
    • Ghastly Wail - What is inside of Chaos cannot be described. Woe are those who decide to stare at it for longer than a second. Instantly kills all Fear-affected enemies. Is unavoidable.
  • Special: The Unnamable - Chaos' powers are potentially limitless, but all of it comes with a price. At cost of 25% of Allistair's "health", he can boost one of his skills in following ways:
    • Atom Smasher - Inflicts certain Fear.
    • Poison Mist - Raises a success rate to 60%.
    • Stagnant Air - Affects only enemies.
    • Ghastly Wail - Affects also Confused and Poisoned enemies.

Well, I hope it's alright here. Best Regards. :)

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15 RagnaTheSaviour23rd Aug 2012 03:00:38 PM from The Throne of Heroes Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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All are accepted so far!
16 FergardStratoavis23rd Aug 2012 04:35:38 PM from The Empty Lot Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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Sweet. :) Mind if I ask when will we start?
17 RagnaTheSaviour23rd Aug 2012 05:17:37 PM from The Throne of Heroes Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: You can be my wingman any time
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[up] When we get a few more characters.
18 Sanojutsu23rd Aug 2012 05:47:30 PM from Throne Room Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Norwegian Wood
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about what 8-10?
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19 FirockFinion23rd Aug 2012 05:51:42 PM from Red Desert Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Wishfully thinking
So Ragna told me about this, and I figured I'd at least take a look and get some ideas. After realizing how much the idea I was starting to get contrasts with the last guy, I figured "what the hell" and am giving it a shot. I've never played a Persona game but I know somewhat about them by being around people who have; still, please excuse me if I get some things terribly wrong, I'm mainly winging it here.

  • Name: Dan(iel) Conway

  • Age: 17

  • Gender: Male

  • Appearance: Caucasian of average height, and scrawny. Hair is brown, short, and kept neatly combed. Usually wears plain button up shirts with an undershirt, plain trousers, and black dress shoes. (Exact colors can vary but usually range between black, white, and tan.)

  • Weapon: A crossbow.

  • Catalyst: A small crucifix on a necklace.

  • Arcana: Hierophant.

  • Personality: Seemingly perpetually nervous, and awkward in social situations. A firm believer in Christ, and still coming to terms with the fact that not everyone else is. Always tries to do the right thing, but sometimes worries that he might be wrong about what the "right thing" is.

  • History: Raised in a modest house in Redrock, Dan grew up always being told to be a good little boy. And he was, for the most part; but one day when he was much younger, he snuck into the old church out of curiosity. He mainly just looked around, and then left, which is when he was caught. While being scolded harshly for just entering the place, Dan decided to not mention the little crucifix he had found in there and taken as a souvenir. He intended to simply sneak back into the church and put it back where he found it, but something stopped him. Somehow, he felt that he needed to hold onto the little crucifix, but he couldn't fathom why. Nowadays he keeps it on himself at all times, hidden under his shirt, and always worries that it might be discovered and get him in trouble again. He has not yet used or discovered his persona.

  • Persona Name: Michael

  • Persona Appearance: What did you expect?

  • Strengths: Good physical defense and offense, immune to Light-based attacks, and resistant against Darkness attacks and Fear ailment.

  • Weaknesses: Somewhat vulnerable to fire attacks, ice attacks, electric attacks, and Rage ailment.

  • Magic
    • Cleave - Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on one enemy.
    • Tempest Slash - Inflicts a large amount of Physical damage up to twice on one enemy.
    • Gale Slash - Inflicts a small amount of Physical damage on all enemies.
    • God's Judgement - Decreases one enemy's HP by 50% from the power of Light.

  • Specials
    • Holy Crusade - Increases Michael's (And dan's) zeal, making him immune to the health cost from his own attacks for some time; when it wears off it takes off all the health he would've used at once. Takes roughly 15% of Dan's health upon using.
    • Rapture - A hail of holy (and somewhat indiscriminate) punishment using the natural elements. All enemies take moderate amounts of fire, electricity, and wind damage, with 30% chances of inflicting fear, confusion, and poison ailments separately. All allies (except Michael and Dan) take small amounts of fire, electricity, and wind damage, with 15% chances of inflicting fear, confusion, and poison ailments separately. Cannot be dodged by enemies or allies. Takes at least 50% of Dan's health to use.

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20 NickTheSwing23rd Aug 2012 09:38:41 PM from Ya really wanna know? Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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If we're doing something like P4, wherein when the group helps someone out, and if they master their inner issues, they get Persona, I'd like to be, basically a normal at the start, until the Shadow Battle happens and my guy gets Persona.

  • Name: Claus Ziegerd
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: male
  • Appearance: A rather thin, though muscular, somewhat "pretty" boy who has rather disorganized looking blond hair and bright blue eyes. He usually wears a black sleeveless shirt under a red jacket, jeans and sneaker shoes. Claus carries himself very loosely, though at times he becomes more alert.
  • Weapon: Knight's Longsword, think the kind of broadsword used in the times of King Arthur.
  • Catalyst: A cross from his father.
  • Arcana: Judgement
  • Personality: Claus used to be a bullying victim himself in the past, so he spends the majority of his time hunting bullies, using any method necessary. He believes very strictly in following the rules, and enforces them himself. He is extremely determined and is not the type to give up on a task until it is complete. He always presents a very nice and cordial look when talking to people. He likes to believe he is an agent of justice, and that he is ultimately following the higher good, the higher calling in his life. However, on the inside, he has a lot of skeletons in his closet. He has a very closeted (and somewhat frightening) realm of emotions inside directed towards "Judging" people and that on some level he enjoys passing judgment on the bullies at a Blood Knight level. He is also extremely frustrated with the proper authorities for not "judging" the right people, hinting at a Knight Templar side of him.
  • History: When Claus was a child, he was bullied at school in Germany due to his grandfather being rather infamous for doing some very bad things in the past. Claus, thus, has tried to atone for his ancestor by being an Agent of Justice himself, and training to take down the bullies that "prey on the weak". His family moved to the Archwood area only recently, and in some very bizarre circumstances.


  • Persona Name: Throne
  • Persona Appearance: Kinda spooky for an angel.
  • Strengths: Strong spells, good speed, and a capable physical attack as well. It also has the Regenerate ability.
  • Weaknesses: average defence, weak to darkness
  • Magic: Hamaon, Agidyne, Mind Charge
  • Specials:
    • Hama Boost: Increases the chance of a Light Spell hitting its mark by 1.5x.
    • Judging Sword: The more damage the user suffers, the stronger his attacks become.

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21 AuraofMildChaos24th Aug 2012 09:48:19 AM from Elsewhere Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I-It's not like I like you, or anything!
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Just to let youy all know, I plan on making a Lovers Arcana support style guy. I was thinking of making him a Navigator but I want him to help in fights and not just kinda hang out.

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22 FergardStratoavis24th Aug 2012 10:14:56 AM from The Empty Lot Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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@Aura: Well, if I may suggest something, you may give your character a variety of buffs to use(as far as I'm concerned, nobody here has a single one).

@Nick the Swing: Allow me to comment, if that's not the problem:
  • I think that Special should be something completely unique to respective Persona, rather than a set of passive abilities. Besides, Regenerate kind of defeats the purpose of Cast from Hit Points.
  • To be honest, I don't see how having two offensive skills is considered a weakness when they're Agidyne(which can be boosted with Mind Charge) and Hamaon(which not only is a One-Hit Kill, but is also boosted by passive). Look at me, who has only one offensive skill to use. ^^;
  • If it feels like nitpicking, sorry for that, I just had to... point that out.

Best Regards

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[up] ... Well this guy took the words right out of my mouth! Hahaha. Take his suggestions into account.
24 Sanojutsu24th Aug 2012 11:59:17 AM from Throne Room Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: Norwegian Wood
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Would it be ok if I put support magic into Etelvina?
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25 FergardStratoavis24th Aug 2012 12:11:45 PM from The Empty Lot Get RP Mod , Relationship Status: I get a feeling so complicated...
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As for me, sure you can. It'll always be good to have an extra support to back you up. Eventually, go with healing since you already have Dia.

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