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Complaining: Dead Horse Genre
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Complaining: Dead Horse Genre get usage counts

 26 Xtifr, Mon, 29th Oct '12 2:39:34 PM Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
World's Toughest Milkman
We may need a sandbox to sort this out: Dead Horse Genre.
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 27 Doc Swiss, Tue, 30th Oct '12 2:23:23 AM from Middle of Nowhere, NZ
From what I can see, it just seems like a page to complain about genres and to try to save your favourite bands from the Dead Horse Genre list.

Maybe singling out certain bands or artists isn't such a good idea, too much flame and/or gush bait, but the general explanations are alright, if there's proof from more than a handful of critics.

Also, adding other mediums will just turn most of the page into complaining about stuff that the troper doesn't like.
I'm sure I'll figure this out eventually
 28 Jeduthun, Tue, 30th Oct '12 7:12:54 AM Relationship Status:
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[up][up][up][up] Yeah, I meant "melodrama" as the genre of theater with Dudley Do-Right rescuing a Distressed Damsel from Dastardly Whiplash and so forth. (Trying to think of at least one example beyond music.)
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 29 Xtifr, Tue, 30th Oct '12 11:43:31 AM Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
World's Toughest Milkman
[up][up]"Turn the page into"? You're suggesting that it's something else now. :)

Nor do I see how adding other-medium examples like Vaudeville, Courtly Love, and Chivalric Romance is going to increase the opportunities for complaining. It's not like we're going to get a bunch of people passionately declaiming how they hate those genres; few people are likely to have strong opinions about those, because they truly are dead horse genres.

edited 30th Oct '12 11:44:08 AM by Xtifr

"Existential Despair" is an oxymoron.
[up]"few people are likely to have strong opinions about those, because they truly are dead horse genres."

In fact, I think that could be a litmus test in and of itself. Might not work for music because any discussion about music genres competing in any way is almost automatically flamebait, but I can see it for other media.
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 31 Noaqiyeum, Sat, 3rd Nov '12 5:54:03 PM from across the gulf of space Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
the iit-thiingy
I have strong opinions about Commedia dell'Arte. :P

I support Jeduthun's and Xtifr's motion, though.
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I'm all for a page about how some genres don't appear much in works works except by way of parody, so long as it isn't a list of genres that died because they suck with a long list of sucky things.
 33 lu 127, Thu, 3rd Jan '13 8:49:05 AM from the Forest of Thorns Relationship Status: Loves me...loves me not

  • Expand to other media.
  • Cut out the exceptions.
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 34 Septimus Heap, Thu, 3rd Jan '13 9:03:18 AM from Zurich, Switzerland Relationship Status: Mu
A Wizard boy
Cut the exceptions and broadened the description.

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5th Jul '12 9:59:39 AM
What would be the best way to fix the page?
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