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any other discussion? I agree with the repurpose. the term First World Problems is used for minor complaints even though one is in abundance.
I agree with that. It's about the only solid definition I can find here.
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Maybe giving it a name like Lifestyle Severity Dissonance could help?
First World Problems is a well-known term that people already understand. If we get rid of that name, I barely see a point in keeping the page.
Yes, we should probably get rid of the page.

(The new, improved proposed trope has little to do with the meme.)
Huh? I've seen it being like "My stomach hurts from eating all that abundant food" #firstworldproblems "I have so many clothes that my closet doesn't fit them" #firstworldproblems
Right. And the trope page wouldn't accept those examples, right?
They'd have to be fictional examples, such as Bob saying 'dude, no one cares that you look fat in those jeans because of the abundant food you have to eat' to Alice.
Cut this trope and send the American Dad! example idea through YKTTW.
^^Right, and we'd be tagging Bob calling her out, not just Alice's complaint. If the page is called Firsr World Problems, wicks will just highlight shows' superficial problems, which isn't the trope.
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I say either restrict it to characters actually saying something along the lines of "dude, what a first world problem", or cut it.
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Just found Appeal to Worse Problems, which is basically what this would be if we restricted it to in-universe.

Cutting First World Problems is fine by me.
Appeal to Worse Problems is slightly different, though, as it argues that you shouldn't care about lesser problems when there are more greater problems to care about.
The Internet misuses, abuses, and overuses everything.
It's listing examples of fictional people making that argument. That's exactly what First World Problems would be if we started using it to list fictional people talking about First World Problems.
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It's just a listing of characters using that specific argument? That's as much of a trope as characters talking about the weather, or making a joke, or...
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Yes, they're totally the same trope. Appeal to Worse Problems even lists the First World Problems meme as an example.

Merge the pages. Appeal to Worse Problems could certainly use the redirect.
Well, no. They would only be the same if we turned First World Problems into a trope about character discussing the concept in-universe. Right now it's about the fiction itself having characters with first world problems.

But, yeah, it makes a good redirect.
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I think it should be redirected to Appeal to Worse Problems. Right now this is just tropers gushing about shows they think address social problems.
It's also very similar to Misery Poker.
And Misery Poker is actually a criticism of this line of thinking.
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I was going to suggest limiting this to lampshaded in-universe examples, but given the existence of Appeal to Worse Problems and Misery Poker, I think we've got it covered.

Redirect to Appeal to Worse Problems. I'm going to go add the Friends example to that page.
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[up] I agree. I've always hated the 'first world problem' thing anyway, and it seems the same as Appeal to Worse Problems to me. Misery Poker is different; it's two or more characters one-upping each other in universe, rather than someone complaining about a problem and being told to shut up because other people have worse problems.
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