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So... Gundams. Big stompy metal things at the heart of Japan's biggest and most iconic Real Robot franchise.

There's gotta be some decent fics about them by now, right?

Anyways, this thread is for discussing story ideas, pimping your works, and talking about your favourite authors and fics.

Have fun!
What's precedent ever done for us?




Ahem. Anyway, who would win betweenHeero Yuy in the Wing Zero, Domon Kasshu in the Burning Gundam? (only two series I'm familiar with)

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Depends on several factors.

1. Is it an official Gundam Fight, with the according rules and regulations, or a no-holds-barred brawl?

2. Is this after Heero has decided that he wants to have a go at non-lethal warfare?

3. Has Heero said "I'll kill you" yet?

If any of the above criteria are met, Domon probably has the advantage.

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Not an official Gundam Fight, so anything goes - except a kill shot.

Heero has not said that he'll kill Domon.

And Heero's been given a mission specifically to fight as hard as he can without using lethal force.

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Well, if they're not trying to kill each other, Heero's lost his biggest advantage, the Twin Buster Rifle. He's still slightly better at range (those shoulder gatlings are pretty powerful) and the Wing Zero's flight-capability would be useful, but he'd have a really tough fight ahead of him.

The God Gundam has more than enough raw power to actually damage a Gundanium-alloy suit, and the Mobile Trace System gives its pilot a much faster reaction time than conventional controls. Not only that, but Domon is highly experienced in non-lethal suit combat - he wouldn't have to re-adjust his fighting style at all.
What's precedent ever done for us?
I was thinking that Heero would still have the Buster rifle, but it'd be fitted with a Power Limiter of some sort.
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Thing about the Buster Rifle, though, is that you can't use it safely - it'd be like fitting a Power Limiter on a nuclear bomb. The beam's so huge that if you hit a suit, you're pretty much guaranteed to damage the cockpit, and that means the pilot would either be dead or severely injured.

It's too imprecise a weapon for that sort of thing, which is why Heero uses it so sparingly once he starts developing a semi-functional conscience.

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Ah. I figured there'd be a way to dial down the power and radius of the beam. Well, if we're taking away Heero's biggest advantage, then let's remove Domon's Sekiha Tenkyoken to compensate, but let him keep the Erupting Burning Finger.
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Are you guys talking about Wing Zero or Wing Zero Custom?

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I was talking about Wing Zero. Which might be odd since I've only seen about the first five or six episodes of Wing. I've seen all of G, though.
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I find it odd that there are so few UC fanfics. In fact, there are very few Gundam fics in general compared to other anime. Any idea why this might be?
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[up]No idea. It's half the reason I started this thread - to dig up the good stuff.

Currently got a Gundam Unicorn/Dead Space crossover in the tubes for when I finally finish the Doorstop. Here's the prologue - feedback welcome.

The Concordance Extraction Corporation’s LongJump shockpoint drive was humanity’s most sophisticated form of faster-than light travel. It functioned using wormhole technology, folding space-time between two points, tearing a hole in both, and travelling through the resultant ‘tunnel’. It was fast, energy-efficient, and offered a ninety-eight per cent chance that its users would arrive where they were supposed to – less if the appropriate maintenance procedures were not carried out every three weeks.

Needless to say, the CEC liked to keep quiet about that last bit.

This particular shockpoint drive was not well-maintained. It had, in fact, been quite comprehensively sabotaged, before being patched together with components from a completely different class of ship. Furthermore, the only crew-member on the shuttle it was presently attached to had locked himself in one of the stasis-pods and was quietly waiting for the hallucinations to go away.

The autopilot, being an autopilot, was not concerned by any of this. It simply counted down with its onboard timer, then activated the drive at the pre-programmed time.

It was at that moment, of course, that everything went wrong.

The drive core started to shudder, rattling around in its mangled containment cage. A trio of cables caught on the frame and whipped loose, their spark-spewing tips scorching dark trails across the surrounding machinery. A portal formed in front of the shuttle – not clean and smooth, but turbulent and ragged, pulsating in an unnervingly organic manner. Thrusters sputtered into life as an uncontrolled power surge sent the ship’s AI into its death throes, sending the little craft tumbling end over end into the wormhole’s waiting maw.

Thirty seconds later, the portal collapsed, leaving no trace of the shuttle except for a few fragments of drifting, sparking debris.


The space between dimensions is indescribable, impossible for the human eye to even process. To look upon it is to invite blindness, insanity, and worse. It was perhaps fortunate, then, that the shuttle’s passenger saw nothing of it, absorbed as he was with his own, more private nightmares.

Eventually, though, the visions that danced before his eyes, engraved into his brain, began to change, the alien script twisting and writhing like a field of mating snakes. Technical specifications began to emerge alongside scientific principles, names and shapes searing across his half-awake mind.






The shuttle wheeled onwards, towards its new destination.


“It is now 23:40 Greenwich Mean Time. We are about to witness the end of the world as we know it, and usher in a new world as never before imagined. The Earth Federation Government is about to host a ceremony at the Prime Minister’s residence, Laplace, to celebrate the birth of a new era. The ingenuity of mankind has allowed us to move beyond Mother Earth and build worlds of our own to inhabit. Tonight will mark the beginning of a new epoch. Let us come together in this joyous moment to honour the past, the era of Anno Domini, and greet the dawn of the Universal Century with open hearts and minds. So with great enthusiasm, let us open the door to our future together. Farewell Anno Domini, and welcome, Universal Century!”

The news broadcast echoed through Syam Vist’s helmet radio as he attached the bomb to the solar panel. The three rings of the Laplace station were spread out below him, the vast blue-green mass of Earth shining through the gaps. His own native Armenia had just dipped past the terminator, the last light of day fading and dying from its sky. The Federation’s soldiers would be moving soon, herding the dispossessed, the unwanted, and the unlucky to their new ghettos amongst the stars.

He secured the last cable, giving it an experimental tug to make sure that the knot was sound, and then turned back to his crewmates, flashing them a quick thumbs-up. Acknowledging radio-blips sounded off, and they began to move back towards the little maintenance shuttle they’d ‘liberated’ from the station dock.

“Hold on – we’ve got a problem here.”

The voice was loud and sudden enough to almost make Syam lose his grip on the panel’s handholds. Abbas, the leader of the operation, sent out a long, reproachful blip – keep it quiet, idiot.

“Look, this is serious.” It was Meruzhan, their explosives expert, his voice strained and curt. “The warhead’s missing. I say again, the warhead is missing.”

“Zhan, do I need to remind you that the Feddies are probably monitoring every channel in this airspace?” Abbas growled. “So we got sold a dud. Keep going. The other stuff works, and that’s more than enough.”

“You don’t get it.” Even through the static of the radio system, Meruzhan’s voice was shaky. “I checked the device on the way here, and it was fine. Someone took it out. Someone on this crew sabotaged our fucking bomb.”

“Shuttle Thirty-Seven, we are not reading you as scheduled for a maintenance session at this hour.” The new voice was in English, with a broad American accent. “Please respond.”

“Oh, for the love of-” Abbas growled. “Everyone switch to channel thirty. Should buy us some time. Zhan, relax. We’ll sort this out.”

“I’m sorry, I’m not trained in that language,” the station operator said. “Please wait while I get a translator from another division.”

Tinny muzak crackled through the speakers, only to be cut off abruptly as Syam adjusted the frequency. He glanced up across the vast expanse of the solar panel. Their shuttle suddenly seemed to be a very long way away.

Abbas’s exasperated voice cut in a second later. “OK, people, who’s seen that warhead? It’s shiny, metal, and about the size of a football. Anyone?”

“Haven’t seen it, sir,” Syam replied.

“Nope, sorry.”

“Nothing here.”

“Not a clue. Sorry.”

“It will make us whole.”

“Shuttle Thirty-Seven, be advised that changing channels whilst on duty is in strict contravention of station radio protocols.” This announcement was in perfect Armenian, though still with a distinctly foreign accent. “I say again, please respond.”

“Sorry, Poghos, what was that?” Abbas asked, pointedly ignoring the operator.

“The bomb. It will make us whole. It told me so. Don’t you hear it? Aren’t you listening?”

“Thirty-Seven, what was that about a bomb?”

Shut the fuck up, you Federation pig!” Abbas screamed. Static rasped down the line as he took a few deep breaths to calm himself. “Poghos, slow down. You’re not making any sense.”

“All will become one. That’s what it said. The thing inside the station. It’s been whispering to me. Whispering since we arrived.” A weirdly high-pitched giggle. “It’s shown me such beautiful things.”

“All units, this is Laplace Control. We have a terrorist alert on the station. I repeat, we have a terrorist alert on the station. Shuttle Thirty-Seven, you are asked to surrender immediately, or we cannot guarantee your safety.”

Through the gaps in the panel, Syam could see lights begin to move. Federation gunboats.

“Everybody, get back to the shuttle!” Abbas yelled over the rising wave of radio interference. “Get back to the fucking shuttle!”

“You don’t understand, do you?” Poghos continued. “You won’t end anything here. This is a beginning, a wonderful beginning. And I get to push the button.”

The shuttle exploded soundlessly. The crewmen nearest to it simply disintegrated whilst those further away spun outwards, bits and pieces detaching from their bodies as the concussive force shook them apart. Syam was shoved through the shattered remains of the solar panel as if by the fist of an angry god, his suit’s armour shielding him from the whirling debris as he fell towards the station.

Their other devices had been triggered as well. The shuttle engine they’d strapped to the main habitation ring was careering round its tight little orbit, the backwash peeling open the hull like a knife, whilst the second solar panel was now nothing but gleaming wreckage.

Laplace Station burst open when he was less than five hundred metres away, the pressure of the escaping air too much for its abused frame. A corpse struck his back and flopped away, its broken limbs waving almost comically. A shard of glass scored a fine, bright scratch across his visor. And then he saw it, and everything else seemed to vanish at once.

It was a broad, tapering double-helix like two intertwined tongues, laterally segmented and covered in glowing runes. It arced past gracefully, catching the light reflected off the station’s punctured mechanical entrails. Syam tried to follow it, craning his neck… and then a wall of dull, grey metal slammed into him, and he blacked out.


The Federation picked up Syam Vist two hours later, during its third and final sweep for survivors of the Laplace Massacre. He did not speak for two days, instead concentrating on folding paper napkins into strangely bulbous, twisting spire-shapes. When he finally talked to a crew-member, it was to request more paper. His captors assumed that his mind had been damaged by the incident, perhaps because of guilt over the massive loss of life he had helped cause.

That would come later.


The New Year bells tolled across the Sweetwater colony, trailed by a ragged cheer as the massive screen overhanging the central plaza blinked from U.C. 094 to 095. A trio of Jegans soared lazily overhead, the ponderous sweep of their massive beam rifles spelling out a silent We’re watching you. It was two years since Char Aznable’s attack on Earth, and here, in the former headquarters of his Neo Zeon faction, tensions were still high.

The lights in the bar were dim, the glittering sweep of the vast colony-cylinder still visible through the old-fashioned bay windows. If he looked carefully, the boy could see the tiny, blinking pinpricks of small-arms fire in the poorer districts near the docks.

Someone sat down next to him, one brightly-painted fingernail tapping the side of his glass. “Aren’t you a bit young for that?”

“This place doesn’t have a minimum drinking age. Doesn’t have a minimum enlistment age, either. I think the two are connected. Besides, why do you care?”

He turned to look at his new neighbour. She was middle-aged, her blonde hair shading to silver and her eyes hidden behind a pair of expensive-looking sunglasses. ‘Expensive-looking’, in fact, seemed to be the best way to describe most things about her, from her tastefully-understated clothing to the improbably smooth skin of her face. Glancing around the bar, he saw two more people wearing the same brand of glasses – large, bulky men in dark suits who weren’t quite standing between him and the exit, but were close enough that they didn’t need to be.

The boy brushed his hand against his pocket, feeling the comforting bulk of his pistol. “Did my father send you?”

The woman smiled. “And what if he did?”

“I’m not going back. I’ve… I’ve made too many mistakes. There’s no place for me there now.”

“Then I think you underestimate your father,” she replied evenly. “And, for that matter, your mother. Still, that’s got nothing to do with me. I came to offer you a job.”

“I’m not interested.” The reply was swift, automatic.

“Of course you are. You see, those mistakes you mentioned? I’m giving you a chance to fix them.”

A short, bitter laugh. “What, you can bring the dead back to life?”

The woman’s smile broadened. “Honey, that’s the least of what we can do.”

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Speaking of Gundam, I'm surprised that there are few Gundam/ Macross crossovers since they seems to be extraimly similar except one relies on the Power of Rock and Japanese Pop while is other is Politics with epic action.

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[up] Does Super Robot Wars not count?

Also, has there been any official works detailing the rise of Blue Cosmos? Because I have this perfectly viable alternate history I can use for a post-DESTINY story.
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The future of warfare in UC.
I wrote a couple, a long time ago. They were for something that was never completed, bits and pieces that were thought to be worthwhile at the time.

The one I'm actually still fond of is a very short piece about Lucrezia Noin, her Taurus, and letting go.

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Not that I like to bump a thread, but how would the story idea account for Laplace's Box, at least the one that involves Dead Space?

Anyway... think this is the right place for this sort of question. Does anyone here mind helping me put tropes in my Gundam story's trope page? GundamWingReaperOfTheSEED That one.

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[up]Simple - there isn't a Laplace's Box. The Unicorn and Vist Foundation were designed with a very different purpose in mind. When the butterfly flapped his wings a century ago, you can expect quite a lot of changes in the setting.
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Interesting idea that you decided to go with. Really, I think I like this one better, at least it makes a refreshing spin happen.

By the way, did you use the light novels for your source, or are you going to use the anime?
Just had a thought - Mobile Fighter G Gundam in the style and setting of Power Rangers. The temptation to adapt the Shuffle Alliance into the Burning Rangers is pretty strong, but Schwarz/ Kyoji is The Mentor instead of Burning White. Instead, that role is filled by Allenby.
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[up][up]Anime, though I would of course be playing things a little loose due to the massive alterations to the setting.

Among other things, the Unicorn was built to kill Markers, not Newtypes - the characteristic glow of its psycoframe is now a deliberate design inefficiency, superheating its armour whilst it's in NT-D mode and rendering it impossible for Necromorphs to hitch a lift.

Oh, and Isaac's spent most of the Universal Century in stasis, being woken up whenever the Vist Foundation needs someone to hunt down and eliminate Marker technology. Needless to say, his psyche took a bit of a hit, and he's had a huuuge grudge against Zeon ever since he was last woken during the First Neo Zeon War - he was caught up in the Dublin colony drop, and it was not pretty. This makes things rather difficult when Cardeas decides to sell the Unicorn to the Sleeves, as you might imagine.
What's precedent ever done for us?
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Huh... remind me to find Dead Space and go through it at some point.

Then again, probably wouldn't help much on my end, as I'm unlikely to work with it.

Hmm... any thoughts on a Gundam Mega Crossover I'm working on would be appreciated, but I don't want to derail the thread, at all... considering that it's a crossover with Wing, SEED/SEED Destiny, the Universal Century, Fate/stay Night, and Sekirei so far.
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25 Xamusel31st Aug 2012 08:54:54 AM from Washington State
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Further details, you say?

Well, okay... I'll describe it.

Essentially, it's a story that starts off with Duo Maxwell trying to escape being a prisoner of a mad scientist worse than the Mad 5 (how bad, you ask? Try having them chase him out for inhuman experiments, and now him trying to merge the Lemmings and ZERO 2.5 Systems together in a human body). After almost all of the prologue, the story shifts to the Cosmic Era, with a certain Shirou Emiya residing in Junius 8 dreaming of his life right after the Fire of Fuyuki... with some alterations in how the events occur.

Then the story goes straight to normal SEED perspective, except that I decided to give Kira a twin sister that was like him, except that she's a Volleyball player instead of a Martial Artist (Kira's first appearance in the story has him at a Martial Arts dojo throwing a PLANT Martial Artist out of the ring)... and, yes, that's an important factor in their lives. In any event, things start going down the crapper around the time Rau Le Creuset launches his attack on Heliopolis, though there's also the added problem of a terrorist organization trying to infiltrate ZAFT and do things completely screwed up for their benefit.

...Do I need to link the story for you guys to know what I mean?

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