Ambiguous Name: Steve Jobs

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I found out about this through this draft here.

Apparently the person went ahead and made the page before they created a YKTTW draft, which is the first mark against it.

The second mark against it is that it is named after a real life person that was most famous for many things that have nothing to do with the trope.

The third problem is that the trope's characterization of him is debatable at best, and seems to have a rather negative tone.

The fourth problem is is a character type page but lacks a "The" in front of it, meaning that it looks like it is simply a page about Steve Jobs, the person. It is already listed on Summary.People as being a page about the person Steve Jobs.

I vote that we immediately cut and lock the Steve Jobs page. If, in the future, someone wants to make an informative, balanced article about Steve Jobs the person, it can be done on Creator.Steve Jobs.

If there is a valid trope to be found, the existing draft can be launched under an entirely different name.

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Agree with cut. Also, the person who did it seems to have a poor grasp of how articles work (each example gets a folder? Nope).
Don't be fooled by the inbounds either.

Here is a look at them.

They mostly come from things like a search about the real person

Or this Swagbucks thing.

It looks like people trying to find information about Steve Jobs the person on websites that technically aren't search engines but are essentially the same ended up on phantom wicks by mistake.

Seeing as this is actively misleading, the inbounds are most definitely not a point in favour of the page.
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I see the Awesomeness.
Motion to cut seconded. This trope would need a lot more work before it got a page. The examples and the description actually contradict each other: Tony Stark is not a small-fry CEO in the Marvelverse, after all.
8 Deboss28th Mar 2012 04:25:24 AM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
Cutlisted. Everyone agree with my reasons?
Should also mention that someone jumped the gun on the YKTTW.
You should link the relevant TRS thread when putting something on the cutlist as the result of a TRS discussion. You should also clean up the wicks before cutlisting something.

Wick Check time!

  • Describes the Person
  1. Brand X
  2. 404
  3. Everything Sounds Sexier in French
  4. Summary.People
  5. FanFic.Pretty Cure Android Wars
  6. Screw This, I'm Outta Here!
  7. Fridge.South Park

  • Describes the Trope
  1. Characterization Tropes
  2. Steve Jobs

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Yes, cut.
12 SeptimusHeap28th Mar 2012 06:11:07 AM from Laniakea , Relationship Status: Mu
Agree with cutting, but please put a link to the discussion in the discussion page when you are cutting something on behalf of TRS. I did that now.
13 32_Footsteps28th Mar 2012 07:21:07 AM from Just north of Arkham , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
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Cut, with prejudice. I can't even begin to describe just how many ways that this is wrong. I think it starts with Fan Myopia and goes from there.
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Agreed with cutting it. Even if this was trope-worthy, we're trying to stay clear from character trope names (especially if they're names of real people).
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Has anyone notified the troper that they should be taking tropes through YKTTW and not just editing unilaterally?
I just left a message with link to this thread on his YKTTW draft.

The page has been cut. Guess we're done here.
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