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426 Spirit1st Sep 2012 11:40:09 PM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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It was noted that the players are adapting to SAO, to the point of getting comfortable. So it's not a big deal to them at this point.

427 Clarste1st Sep 2012 11:41:11 PM , Relationship Status: Non-Canon
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Well, it's considered taboo to talk about the real world (as mentioned by Silica) so I'd imagine we're supposed to to assume that they're just trying not to think about it.
428 Pryun1st Sep 2012 11:51:58 PM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Which event is that(floor 67)?

Also, about the real world stuff, police ARE useless, because Kayaba basically had a "few" hostages. Would you want them all die?

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Latter on, you find out that the creator has just hidden himself that well, though the hostages are probably part of it.

And there are a couple reasons Kirito probably didn't use his two swords during that boss fight:

  • Everything looked under control, but someone made a mistake and got one-hit killed (no time to bring it out)
  • It was over 6 months ago. I would think that the players would slow down after that fight and each floor would take more time to complete.
  • He simply wasn't there. It is not like he is part of every floor-boss fight.

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430 entropy132nd Sep 2012 06:37:10 AM from Somewhere only we know. , Relationship Status: Drift compatible
Great, he finally uses two LOL.

Which is what I always do in RP Gs (when applicable).

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I'm reading this because it's interesting. I think.

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431 Pryun2nd Sep 2012 07:54:18 AM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
... ok, is that event on 67 referring to the one heathcliff held off the floor boss alone?
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[up]I don't think so... I believe that was during one of the "increased difficulty" boss fights that occur every 25 floors.

The event that everyone here is talking about is the one mentioned in the episode: "we haven't lost anyone during a floor-boss fight since the 67th floor." People are just wondering why Kirito would have kept his skills hidden at that time.

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433 Spirit2nd Sep 2012 10:52:31 AM from America , Relationship Status: Hooked on a feeling
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Then again this still means he's been deliberately holding back each time he fights in a clearing raid. Even though it would make dungeons and boss fights all the easier since he's fighting at 100% and thus further ensure the safety of others, all because he doesn't want to get harrassed by other players despite proudly declaring himself a solo player. What a douche.

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I can't exactly argue about those points from a logical stand-point, but I also just can't see why it is so hard to understand. He has an ability no-one else has and there is only one other (known) person in the game who is in a similar position. He had two choices: ether become a celebrity or hide it. He chose to hide it because he doesn't want to be a celebrity. Not exactly a "logical" choice, but one that makes sense to me.

He also brought it out when it was necessary. Here are his thoughts in the (translated) book:

My equipment and skills were far from those of a tank. If I kept this up, it would only lead to my death. The fear of dying sent a chill down my body. I couldn't even try to escape anymore.

There was only one thing that I could do. I would have to go against it with everything I had as a damage dealer.

No last-second thoughts or hesitation that showed up in the anime.
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435 Deboss3rd Sep 2012 09:32:42 AM from Awesomeville Texas
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I suspect he also might have thought that people might try to kill him for having a skill. Tall Poppy Syndrome and all that.

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I think that was mentioned in the manga. People were already trying to kill him before (simply because as a solo player he's automatically a target), and not only did revealing his skill attract more, but he doesn't have a secret weapon any more.
437 Deboss3rd Sep 2012 05:44:07 PM from Awesomeville Texas
I see the Awesomeness.
What is it with Japan and Tall Poppy Syndrome?
Well, our page for it currently has zero anime/manga examples, so I'm having a little trouble remembering specific instances.

But it's definitely not just Japan. The Legend of Korra, for example.
439 HinanawiTenshi3rd Sep 2012 10:40:46 PM from Heaven, Above Gensokyo
For some reason, Heathcliff's voice doesn't sound fitting, based on his appearance, to me.

Kirito honestly seemed kind of slow with his slashes there.

Lizbeth mentioning dual wielding being their little secret? Since when? At least in the anime, that doesn't really make sense...or at least I was expecting a flashback or something, anyway.

I wonder how much Klein has to deal with durability issues. His weapon looks like a piece of crap by video game standards.

Are the menus in English most of the time or do subbers just have pro photoshoppers or something?

And most of all, why did Kirito and Asuna get scared of The Gleameyes? I mean, they faced plenty of big and imposing bosses before...though we haven't actually been shown most of them, so I could be wrong on that.

@Dual wield hiding thing: Tall Poppy Syndrome as a storytelling device isn't as relevant here I think, so much as "realism." Because what they said about MMO gamers being an envious bunch is true, even without unique skills that people obtain through luck, there are account hackers rampant trying to get their hands on particularly well boosted items. MM Oers have a tendency to go kind of insane when there is a particular person with a particular advantage over them, especially when it was not obtained through means generally available to everyone to some extent. If I was ever in SAO and got my hands on something as crazy as that, I may not even try to save people in fear of wasting resources (potions carried, durability of items, whatev) which will make me vulnerable to the people that I saved the lives of, it isn't unlikely for those people saved to try to mug you right there or something, and there isn't much of a chance of other people not close buddies saving you from such a situation either.

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440 MurkyMuse4th Sep 2012 05:54:08 AM , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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And most of all, why did Kirito and Asuna get scared of The Gleameyes? I mean, they faced plenty of big and imposing bosses before...though we haven't actually been shown most of them, so I could be wrong on that.

This was better done in the light novel. Basically all the bosses are scary, but when going into a boss fight they're too focused on beating it to let it get to them. Since Kirito and Asuna weren't planning on even seeing the boss it got to them. All about being mentally prepared.
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(everything is in reply to HT)

Yeah, it is a 15-hit combo (for comparison, Asuna's "high-level sword skill named «Star Splash»." is an 8-hit combo and she focuses on long, fast combo attacks). I can see why you would expect it to be faster. But then they probably would have lost some of the accuracy of the fight.

In the books, Lizbeth specifically asks him why he needs a 2nd sword if his first one is that good. And he shows her. She also didn't show up after the fight, but that is because she only appeared in the side-stories in the first place. So they decided not to let him show her his skills on-screen and then have her appear after the fight in order to keep the surprise and yet also match the books.

They must be in English, though I'm not going to search the source material for that one.

Here is the explanation for their fright (highlighted the most important part):

As soon as I opened my mouth, two white-blue fires whooshed to life a little further in, then another pair and another pair.

  • Whoooooosh*... With this continuous sound, a path leading to the center of the room was completed in the blink of an eye. At its end, a bigger pillar of fire blazed upwards, and the rectangular room was filled with blue light. It was quite spacious. It seemed that all of the blank space on the map had been this one room.

Asuna hung onto my right arm as if to keep her nervousness at bay, but I didn't have enough room in my head to enjoy that feeling. This was because, just behind the pillar of fire, a huge shape had begun to appear.

The enormous body was covered with bulging muscles. Its skin was dark blue, and the head resting above its thick chest plates was not a man's, but a mountain goat's.

Two curved horns towered on either side of its head. Its eyes, also burning bright blue, were locked on us. Its lower body was covered in navy-blue fur and couldn't be seen very clearly behind the fire, but it seemed that it was also that of an animal. To put it simply, it was a demon in every sense of the word.

There was a fair distance from the entrance to the middle of the room where it stood. Despite that, we stood frozen in place, unable to move even a muscle. Out of all the monsters we had fought against up until now, this was the first demon-shaped one. It was something that I had gotten used to thanks to the countless RP Gs that I had played. But now that I actually saw it, I couldn't hold the fear that rushed up from inside my body.

Thank you for putting all that into words. I couldn't. Though with those feelings, you probably would have had a hard time leaving the starter city. Though we will (probably) be going back there in a future episode and you can judge how those people feel/act for yourself.

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442 Arilou4th Sep 2012 08:16:06 AM from Quasispace
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Having played MMO's, going up against a boss you have no info on is always scary: And that's when your life *isn't* on the line.
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443 Deboss5th Sep 2012 05:26:03 PM from Awesomeville Texas
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I'm not sure I buy the comparison between a regular MMO and people who actually die when their character dies doing so. I'd think that the difference would at least reduce it.
444 HinanawiTenshi5th Sep 2012 09:44:23 PM from Heaven, Above Gensokyo
We've already seen people pull the "lol there's no proof so killing people is okay!!" card, and even before then there's how gamers are rather desensitized to death in games, so petty desire takes priority here.
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445 Pryun7th Sep 2012 03:54:11 AM , Relationship Status: Having tea with Cthulhu
Do any of you read the 4koma? It's hilarious!
446 moberemk7th Sep 2012 07:26:48 AM from Canada , Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
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? No idea what you're talking about, actually. Link?
Hi, first forum post (been editing the main SAO page for a bit). Read all the novels, including all the web novels & most of Kawahara's doujin works (ME stuff).

Regarding the anime vs. novels, of course things have to be cut out, and there's a ton of stuff I wanted to see (like Kirito & Asuna's first real meeting). Hell, even the novels aren't consistent w/themselves, esp the speed of Asuna falling for Kirito, *especially* if you include their 2nd & 3rd floor exploits that Kawahara starts to write about.

All that aside, I'm really enjoying the anime adaptation, and actually appreciate the rather brisk pace, even at the cost of skipping content, to see more of it animated. I figure at the current pace, we'll see:

ep 10: Vs Heathcliff battle. Didn't see any of it in the trailer, but likely Kirito's training mission w/Ko B, and prolly a cliffhanger ending w/Cradill

ep 11: Married life & Yui, they'll likely skip the fishing episode

ep 12-13: Wrap up Ainclad. Start up Fairy Dance.

I'm hoping the show is popular enough to get a 3rd season for GGO. It's prolly way too much of a dream to hope for Alicialization to be animated, though it would be epic beyond words (but also way too long—they'd have to trim it down a ton to fit into even 26 eps).

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448 MurkyMuse7th Sep 2012 09:37:08 AM , Relationship Status: Shipping fictional characters
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I haven't read Alicialization. Can't find a complete translation.
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The newest volume came out, what, 4 months ago? I've been keeping up with the translation and they haven't finished the that one yet. Add in that it is the second volume of that arc and ends with "Interlude II" and I don't think it is finished yet.

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450 burnpsy7th Sep 2012 11:23:15 AM , Relationship Status: Abstaining
If I were to be perfectly honest, popular light novels seem to show strong sales when turned into anime form (Gee, I wonder why). Sword Art Online, needless to say, is popular. Of course it'll sell well enough for a season 2.

The question is whether or not they want to do a season 2.

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