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A player becomes a better swordsman or wizard or whatever by running errands for NP Cs, that's a trope. There is nothing "nonsensical" or "fanwanky" about it.

[up][up] I agree, it should be "Experience."

EDIT: No Experience Points for Medic is not a non-combat trope. Healing is a combat action in RP Gs.

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Last I checked, "non-humanoid mobile armor" is pretty close to Tank Goodness. On top of that, there's Hover Tank and Drill Tank (both "aversions" to the definition of a tank as an armed fighting vehicle with treads). Are you trying to say that non-combat experience gain is too broad for one trope and needs to be splittered further? Or perhaps that excluding combat alone as a source of experience is too specific for a useful trope?
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Boo, this isn't working. Has anybody a description for Mundane EXP?
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Hmm. Would it be similar to You Have Researched Breathing? (Where that is 'you have to learn how to do ridiculously ordinary tasks', this is 'you receive rewards for carrying out ridiculously ordinary tasks'.)
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As a non-gamer, I don't know of any difference.
No, You Have Researched Breathing is about unlocking/learning how to do things that you shouldn't have to learn how to do in the first place, not about gaining xp. They're unrelated, other than both being about character progression.

I'm not actually convinced Mundane XP is tropable. RPGs Equal Combat has the concept mostly covered already. It just needs to drop the aversions-only clause, which is unnecessary.

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Rhymes with "Protracted."
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[up] My thought was about how You Have Researched Breathing means you have to learn how to breathe, where as Mundane XP would be about knowing how to breathe and gaining experience for exercising this valuable character skill.
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