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I figure we'd need a new portal for this show what with the new pics

Frankly; while I'm glad with the revival going on (especially the new IDW one, man I love those guys, they can get ANYONE) But I think I'm feeling what the 8[s fan felt when 2k3 came out.

I mean, teen April? Just looking at her I think "dude the lolis have taken over the world." I mean look at he eyes it even has that messed up precocious (what does that even mean?) "come hither" looks with HAD BEHIND HER BACK! has that been done non ironically since.. ever?

But whatever the creative team seems to be cool what with this new era seemingly being Laird/Eastman run but my issues are with how "balded up" the weapons are.

But hey the art style looks good and the new Splinter is cool. So I guess we'll wait and see. The IDW books'll hold me off to them. But *ugh* teen April.

(I'm also not a big fan of Human!Shredder but that's just my 2k3 fanboi instincts talking)
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I'll admit the look of all the characters so far is a bit off putting. But I'll wait for a trailer before jumping to a conclusion.

I'll however give props for the voice cast of Rob Paulsen (Donatello), Sean Astin (Raphael), Greg Cipes (Michelangelo), Jason Biggs (Leonardo), Mae Whitman (April O'Neil) and Kevin Michael Richardson (Shredder).

It's seems good so far.

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Hmm. I'm OK with teenage April. The turtles ARE teens after all. Splinter looks terrible. He's too fucking tall. Seriously.
The turtles' head look bad. Its especially bad with Miche. What with that God awful smile.
The crack on Raphael's shell is a nice touch...
Leo's swords are facing in the same direction. That's awkward. He should have one sword facing in each direction if he has them mounted on his back.

Shredder and "THE KRAANG" (I love how that's presented) look OK though.
Shredder is sufficiently pointy.
THE KRAANG are sufficiently pink and brain-like.
Though the fact that Shredder has some marking on his sash that ISN'T a Foot Clan logo is a bit odd. In fact, I don't see any Foot Clan logo on him at all. That's distressing.

@Rook: I'm annoyed when Shredder is an alien. He's not an alien. He's a zombie ninja made up of a bunch of worms! Seriously though, the Shredder is really just whoever wears the armor and rivals the turtles. The Shredder has been shown so many different ways, those qualities are the only things that really matter.
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This is my first look at the secondary characters, They're...ok, I guess? It's been hard to really get wowed by anything Turtles-related since Forever, and this does not really change the trend.

That said, from the initial details I heard when they were first being bandied about, there's a couple of interesting changes being made here. I'm specifically interested in the new detail about Splinter/Unzngb Lbfuv univat orvat n cnerag orsber.*, which has the potential to change the family dynamic some very interesting ways. I'm much less enthused about April being made a teen, though. Could it work? Possibly. Do I understand why Nick did it? Sure. Still, by the point you get there, I fear that the character loses what made her April in the first place, and I really really really hope that this doesn't become the standard for the character. Plus, I'm bummed that neither this version nor IDW's has gone with April as an African American. Sure, her looking black in the original comics was as much an accident as anything, but still, it'd be nice to see a nod to that once in a while.

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People would question why her race was arbitrarily changed since about 99% of them would be unfamiliar with the reference to the original source material. April as a red-head is far more iconic, for better or worse.

I'm going to go and take a wild guess that Shadow will not be showing up in this adventure. Adoptive or otherwise, April doesn't seem the motherly type in this show.
Not really important, though. Not like she was a big character.
I didn't even remember she existed until I read that webcomic. Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden.

EDIT: Oh hey, look what I found.

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They still kind of look like something from a late 90's N64 game, but they get kudos from me for bringing Krang back in some form.
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People would question why her race was arbitrarily changed since about 99% of them would be unfamiliar with the reference to the original source material. April as a red-head is far more iconic, for better or worse.

Oh, I know. Still the iconic April is also always an adult, and they're not keeping that, so as long as they're changing stuff, why not make a change that also helps make the show more diverse and also happens to be in line with the original books?
I like the fact that the Turtles have more varied heights and weights (it's less obvious in the pics at the beginning of the topic), which I think, suit them, due to the fact that they all possess different lifestyles.

I think I just like this fact due to barely seeing any differentiation between them other than weapons and headbands.

Shredder looks excellent, and Kevin Michael Richardson will probably do fairly well*.

Now, for some criticism, Splinter's appearance is a bit... Feh.
Couldn't just use spoiler tags like everyone else huh Bushi?$

In any case That brings up an interesting case, depending on exactly what relationship Yoshi and Splinter have in this verse.
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I am thrilled to have Krang back, even if he's become a bunch of disposable mooks.

Maybe there's a leader "Kraang" who will rise above Shredder like the good old days. for my writing, comics and cartoons.
The use of the article "the" is interesting?
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So they brought Krang back, only for him to serve as a faceless Mook and made April into a teen?

Sigh. As someone who liked booth 88 and 03 this is so disappointing.
Do we have confirmation that there are multiple Krang or is this just an assumption right now?
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Do we have confirmation that there are multiple Krang or is this just an assumption right now?
Confirmed: they're basically this incarnation's version of the Utroms (assuming we don't see actual Utroms later on). It's a detail that's been known since Nick held its private preview event last year, and was initially reported back then:

Rosemary/Roseangelo: The Utroms are now known as the Kraang. [...] The suits [their traditional exosekeletons] serve a double-purpose. One, is because they can’t survive in our atmosphere, and two is that the suits can project a holographic human form. As the series progresses, it sounds like these robotic Kraangs will become part of Shredder’s Foot army (and since they’re robotic, the Turtles can be more violent on them within the constrains of children’s television).
and since they’re robotic, the Turtles can be more violent on them within the constrains of children’s television

Assuming they don't stab them through the chest, of course. tongue

EDIT: <Realizes statement was kind of covered by the original quote.>

eh, it's late. My brains half-way on autopilot right now. <___<

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anyone miss the old krang suit? that looked like a giant, mentally disabled guy w/ Cool Shades? It had such great weapons options. & in one episode, irma, yes THAT Irma, actually disabled the suit w/ a foot soldier blaster rifle. She was underused in TMNT Forever

(Though my fave episode w/ her was when she was The50foot Woman & those thick rim glassses & that TURTL Eneck, ah, so Moe!)

anyone here hate how lame Back To The Sewer was? I mean CYBER shredder? they went from an premier with THREE shredders (Cyber, Demon Oroku Saki & Utrom Shredder) to that lame digital version.

And that red haired foot villain was lame too. At least Hun Too A Level In Badass & the World of Warcraft Enemy Mine episode was cool. But the rest of BTTS sucked.

I also hated most of Fast Forward. Especially the premier. One saturday, I was watching badass tmnt, the next, Robo Bobby (that inspector biggles)& annoying brat. Though Torbin Zix (sorry, Raph, another hologram!)was a rare bright spot.

As long as the new shredder is as badass as the 2k3 version in his intro.

(the 2k3 shredder took a lame GW bush quote & made it badass)

Bush: "you are with us, or with the terrorists"


Who would YOU vote for? cool

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Something I didn't notice before...
Why in the hell do Donatello and Michelangelo have edged weapons?!
I'm just...
First Splinter looks fucked up...
Then I see Donatello with a blade weapon...
Fuck, guys. I just... I don't even know what's what anymore...

Shredder still looks OK to me.
He's still sufficiently pointy.
That's my criteria. His pointiness.

EDIT: Oh flying fuck, if April O'Neil is a teen, that means Kasey Jones is a teen, too!
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Actually, I think that those pointy weapons were only in the trailers and initial art.

More recent promotional materials show the blunt weapons, rather than the bladed ones than initial trailers.
[up] Alternatively, maybe they start with the blunt weapons and get bladed ones ones later, potentially after learning their main foes use a lot of robot tech.
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Just as the spell says.
I can't see the pictures. Anyone got links to em?

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