Tropers / Etheru

Etheru is a troper.

Fan of several things.

Prone to apologizing and ranting. Sometimes both.

Kind of an asshole.

Facts I like to think are interesting about myself.

  • I love superheroes, robots, and the horror genre.
  • Thought that games like Freedom Planet, Shovel Knight, and Undertale wouldn't be well-loved or get as much attention as they got (I own at least two of the games cited now, and am waiting for a Steam sale for Shovel Knight).
    • This has even extended to pretty commercial games like The Walking Dead, due to wondering how a Point and Click zombie game could work.
  • I thought it'd be interesting to write this instead of just simply "trope" my interests. Which I've kinda done before, but I don't like to talk about that.
  • I would like to get into writing at some point, and am on/off working on an RPG Maker VX Ace game.
  • I enjoy anime, because I am a weeb.
  • I tried to avoid putting any self-deprecation on this list because I think people get sick of that pretty quickly.

Shout Outs

Hey, man. ~ Schitzo

Feel free to add Tropes, disagree with these statements, agree with these statements, etc.

Oh hai! -Spooky Mask

You're such a Woobie, and you're a good person partially due to it. The other're just completely awesome and fun. :) ~ Arcadiarika

Love and monsters is the greatest doctor who story I have ever watched...okay exaggerating a bit... Shining Knight

Let us fight together, Etheru! FIGHT FOR EVERLASTING PEACE! Anyways, you're a great Role-Player and friend. Thanks. - Wren.