Things Mr. Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In SBURB:

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1 Aniventerie3rd Mar 2012 08:50:37 AM from Imagination World
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1. Not allowed to use Hero of Light powers to cheat at monopoly.

1a. Or Farkle.

1b. Or D&D.

1c. In fact, banned from any game involving randomizers, period.

2. Not allowed to prototype my kernelsprite with another kernelsprite just to see what would happen.

3. The following are inappropriate Strife Specibi:

  • joybuzzerkind.
  • sharpenedPencapKind.
  • kamahamehadokenKind.
  • banhammerKind.
  • stronglyWordedLetterKind.

4. Not allowed to alchemize a pair of spectagoggles just to spy on team-mates in the shower.

4a. Especially if I then declare myself the "Seer of Ass".

5. Upon meeting the White Queen, the proper response is a show of respect, not an attempt to "put the moves on 'er".

6. The alchemiter is a tool for building up resources, not a brewery.

7. Cutting in line is not an appropriate use of Hero of Space powers.

8. The purpose of the Bard class is to passively aid teammates, not sing for my amusement.

9. The timeline is not a toy.

9a. Neither is the child-universe.

9b. Or my consorts. In fact, just assume things aren't toys.

10. Trolls live on Alternia. Not under bridges.

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2 Exelixi3rd Mar 2012 09:30:25 AM from Alchemist's workshop , Relationship Status: Armed with the Power of Love
We have this thread in Tabletoo Games.
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5 0dd13rd Mar 2012 01:24:42 PM from Nowhere Land
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7 ATC3rd Mar 2012 01:31:24 PM from The Library of Kiev
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11. No using dark got tiger powers to resurrect Bro. Even if the GM isn't looking.
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12. Addendum to 3, further inappropriate Strife Specibi:


13. Captchaloguing other players is strictly forbidden.

14. Even if Skaia allows it, not allowed to prototype Derse.

14b. Or Prospit.

14c. Or anything of significantly large size.

15. Not allowed to prototype a statue of a paraplegic to cripple the Black Queen and King.

15a. For that matter, not allowed to use my prototyping in any way as to deliberately cripple the Black Queen and King.

16. Not allowed to aggro the Black Queen while dreaming, lure her to the Quest Bed, and have her kill me for an easy Ascend.

16a. Rule 16 is exempted if the action is taken as a last resort.

16b. If on Prospit, not allowed to convince the White Queen to kill me on my Quest Bed for an easy Ascend.

16c. I will not suicide on my quest bed for an easy ascend.

16c-a. Time-related shenanigans do not count.

17. If my Strife Specibus is BFG or BFS Kind, for any reason, I will dispatch my opponents by firing/hack'n'slashing, not spawning my obscenely large weapons above them.

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18: Do not alchemize anything with the Black Queen's Ring.

19: Do not alchemize anything with the Black Queen.

20: Stop manhandling the Black Queen, she was already angry when we got here.
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10 MarkVonLewis14th Mar 2012 09:48:42 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
Man, seems like Mr. Welch is playing with some real buzzkiller G Ms.
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21. Not allowed to prototype a Grue.

21a. Not allowed to prototype a Tonberry.

21b. Not allowed to prototype any demigod figures. (Exceptions made to Cthulhu and the like.)

21c. Not allowed to prototype myself. (Exception made if I am already dead.)

21d. Not allowed to kill myself solely to prototype myself.

22. "Shenanigans" only accounts for so much; i.e. I did not kill all of the Denizens solely through "Shenanigans". I must elaborate.

23. bombKind abstratus means grenades and claymore mines, not supernuclear charges.

24. Addendum to 23, "Supernuclear grenades" are only so powerful.


26. No, I will not "heedlessly alchemize everything in my house and hope something good comes out."

27. I will not have bucketKind abstratus solely to antagonize any observant trolls.

28. If I am the Knight of Time, I will not invest in a deadCloneKind abstratus.

29. Even if the rules allow it, ABSCON Ding is a valid flight option, not a valid fight option. CLARIFICATION: I will not ABSCOND enemies to death by any means.

30. Not allowed to captchalogue my Kernelsprite.

31. Not allowed to prototype a Captcha card.

32. Not allowed to prototype my spare copy of SBURB.

33. pistolKind and rifleKind are different from each other. They are also different from artilleryKind.

34. giantMechKind assumes I will be starting the session unarmed for a few descends.

35. Orbital bombardment only works if I actually have a satellite, which I likely won't.

35a. In the event I do have a Kill Sat, I am restricted to 3 shots.

35b. Not allowed to blow my three shots on standard Mooks.

36. Just because I am an 8th degree black belt in any martial arts doesn't mean I can take on the Black Queen early.

37. fistKind means I'm fighting unarmed, not that I'm amputating my hands to alchemize.

37a. Not allowed to amputate any body part to alchemize a prosthetic counterpart, regardless of how awesome it is.

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38. No longer allowed to alchemise Imps.
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  • 39. Not allowed to alchemize together a bladekind Strife Specibus with a nunchkukind Strife Specibus.
  • 40. Actually, not allowed to alchemize any Kind Abstrata together at all.

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41. No longer allowed to proposition the female troll players for "the sake of bridging social gaps".

41 a. No longer allowed to proposition the female troll players for any reason.

41 b. Or the Black Queen or consorts or anything.

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42. I am not to ever mention the Walrus incident within earshot of a troll.

43. I cannot use cardKind Abstratus and a lot of shenanigans to wield everything forever. I can only wield cards stuff.
44. Just because my aspect is Light, it does not mean I can sing "Light up the Night" at the top of my lungs whenever I want.

44a. Even if I have the Bard as my class.

44b. Especially if I have the Bard as my class.

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17 CodyTheHeadlessBoy23rd Sep 2012 06:10:50 PM from Parts Unknown , Relationship Status: Dating Catwoman
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Man, seems like Mr. Welch is playing with some real buzzkiller G Ms.

Yeah they sound like some real poop pokers. What's the point of playing a game if you're not having any fun? I hate people like that. If I want to use a god damn Micro Machines Tank when I play Monopoly, I'm gonna use the god damn tank. Ya know why? Because I love god damn tanks!
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18 Noaqiyeum25th Sep 2012 07:03:33 AM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Given the nature of SBURB, I'm pretty sure at least half of these are perfectly valid strategies.
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19 Muramasan1325th Sep 2012 10:46:41 AM , Relationship Status: Not war
45. Not allowed to use temporal shenanigans to prototype a kernelsprite with our session's Black Queen.
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So, Rose has violated rule 6, and Caliborn has violated rule 14c and possibly rule 3 Methinks Hussie is aware of this list. So, yeah, more rules

46. Anything that would turn the White King and White Queen into bigger threats than the Black King and Black Queen is an automatic no-go.

47. The Trollish word for human is not "shisno".

48. Not allowed to use the bombKind abstratus to play Grifball
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49. If you are a Hero of Time, this doesn't give you an excuse to break pots, yell incoherently, or roll around like some kind of pillbug-boy.

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22 ohsointocats29th Nov 2012 12:45:59 PM from The Sand Wastes , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
50. I am not allowed to ask the Time player whether it's gay or masturbation. addendum: if I am the time player, I am not allowed to explain whether it's gay or masturbation.

51. I will not make the Doom player sing the Doom Song, nor will I sing the Doom Song to the Doom player.

52. If I am the bard, I will not carry around a skull of one of my dead fellow players and call it Yorick and keep complaining how I hardly knew him

53. Groinsawkind is not a valid strife specibus, no matter how convenient it would be as a hands-free strifing weapon.
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54. Tauntkills only apply on specific weapons, and they have a miserable range.

55. Alchemizing three piles of metal will not make a hat.

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56: Carpet bombing my denizen's lair is generally considered bad form.

56b: So is carpet bombing anyone Else's denizen.

57: arachnidKind is not an acceptable Strife Specibus. Even if the imps are arachnophobic.

58: I will not use my quest bed to flatten imps.

(Sorry for the necro, I just love this kind of thread and wanted to contribute)

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25 globalCooldown5th Aug 2014 04:16:04 PM from Somewhere between the 711 and yesterday evening , Relationship Status: Naked on a bearskin rug, playing the saxophone
And another necropost. I'm sorry I have to do this.

  • 59. derseKind is not an appropriate strife specibus.
  • 60. Not allowed to carve my name into the Scratch object.
  • 61. Even if it results in my coplayers' godtiering, not allowed to perform ritual human sacrifice.
  • 62. The Life player does not appreciate spirited renditions of "Circle of Life" every time they enter the room.
  • 63. Even if someone did it in another session, not allowed to recruit Jack Noir.

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