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Sexist opinions turn up from the fighting game community...:

 76 Schitzo, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 4:40:24 PM from Akumajou Dracula Relationship Status: LA Woman, you're my woman
Is this Super Yan storming out or something?
 77 Vuther A, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 4:41:55 PM from Canada Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
I like cheese.
What's this? Sexism, in a genre that frequently features men beating barely-clothed women? I'm shocked!
Now that's just taking out of context! The women still manage to beat the men.

Assuming the game is balanced.

Which tends to be something of a problem, but not based off sex! *

edited 2nd Mar '12 4:42:26 PM by VutherA

If I could draw well, this avatar would instead be a Pikachu eating cheese.
 78 Journeyman, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 4:44:02 PM from Here and there.
It's the Over Lord!
[up][up][up]I'm pretty sure most communities fit that description.

FPS community gets a terrible rap. The Zelda community's considered shattered. The Furry fandom is seen as a bunch of yiffers (Though that's a small group within the real one.) The list goes on. Small minorities tend to be small for a reason, generally dickishness or some other serious unpleasantness to think about. So they get loud trying to justify something that the masses clearly want to scrape off the bottom of their shoes and throw out in the trash.

edited 2nd Mar '12 4:44:37 PM by Journeyman

When the hammer falls and your world shatters, I'll be there to cut the handle and pick up your pieces.
 79 SuperFrost, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 4:49:37 PM from San Fernando Valley, California
Creative, Black, Nerdy

That's what I hate though. Plus, it's because of how loud they get that the sane people end up getting trashed.
 80 Journeyman, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 5:04:42 PM from Here and there.
It's the Over Lord!
There's no sane or legal way to handle it except to grin, bear it, and complain to your friends and family who are in the same boat, while working to educate those around you so they know that the loud minority is small enough that the masses can stomp them under their boot heel if they want to. And then explain that the masses need to ignore these loud-mouthed bass and move on.

I used to think Furries really were yiffers, because most of the ones I met were on cybersex chat sites. evil grin Then I knew one in college, we talked, she got irritated about my lack of knowledge, and I did my homework to avoid her ire. It worked.

edited 2nd Mar '12 5:06:46 PM by Journeyman

When the hammer falls and your world shatters, I'll be there to cut the handle and pick up your pieces.
 81 NEO, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 5:56:11 PM from Dark matter dimensions Relationship Status: GAR for Archer
@suspiciouscookie from previous page: I just meant that all this "insulting is gaming and therefore harassment is ok" mentality through which the whole problem arose is this trope in effect.

Now I'm afraid of what you thought I meant tongue
No regret shall pass over the threshold!
Ah, that's okay xD Sorry, I need more faith in humanity...
 83 X 2 X, Fri, 2nd Mar '12 9:08:58 PM from the Darkness Beyond Time Relationship Status: Sinking with my ship
[insert quip here]
I think we all do. Assholes like Aris don't exactly help, though...
"I am become Death, spouter of pretentious quotes and catchphrases." - Beary Scary
That One Troper Guy
Preeeeetty sure that the main beauty of the fighting game community is the fact that fighting games are fun. None of this "YA GOTTA EARN RESPECT YO" bullcrap.
Do loafing!
Mah Headphones
[up]It's a combination of both, I think. You need to have fun while also earning the respect of your peers through sheer in-game skills and attitude. What this guy did, and what others seem to uphold, is doing the latter at the expense of those who only want to do the former while acting like immature fools in the process.

For what it's worth, he and others apologized for their behavior, implying that they'll at least try not to pull that shit off again in the future. It's happened before in real sports.
I need HoH SiS
One of the let's players I follow on youtube is a former competitive Fighting game player, his position doesn't match mine exactly but it does give insight, coming from someone who used to be apart of that community and is now looking into it from the other side.

(The real core of the issue is at 8:00-9:00, the stuff before that is about the community, his personal history in it and trash talk.)

There is a part one that details more on the history of his experience in the arcades and arcade gaming vs Pc/ home gaming, along with some stories about arcades in the late 90's / early 2000's.

edited 3rd Mar '12 1:23:45 AM by Vyctorian

Rarely active, try DA/Tumblr Avatar by
 87 Tarsen, Sat, 3rd Mar '12 1:53:59 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
interesting watch.
Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
 88 Blissey 1, Sat, 3rd Mar '12 2:29:14 AM from a random Pokčcenter Relationship Status: I know
insert title here
If people are angry about this, it means they had been watching the show to begin with.

While I'm sure that's true for some people, I'm also sure many more people never even knew this show existed until a friend told them to read this outrageous story they found online.

edited 3rd Mar '12 2:31:07 AM by Blissey1

And what other people think of you does matter, especially when they handle your paycheck or can get you connected

Huh. Really? So the people one are working for are willing to hinder one just because of some hobby that nobody should care about? If that happen to someone, then they should have worked for someone different and smarter(aka a normal human being using logic to make judgement)

Preeeeetty sure that the main beauty of the fighting game community is the fact that fighting games are fun. None of this "YA GOTTA EARN RESPECT YO" bullcrap.

Sadly that is not what Aris seems to think.

 90 Tarsen, Sat, 3rd Mar '12 4:08:48 AM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 Relationship Status: Tsundere'ing
A little dry.
im pretty sure not everyone can choose their boss.
Pro Tip: Spiders are not technically insects, but actually skeletons made of congealed hate.
Da. It ain't fair, but you've gotta bend over for others (hopefully not literally) if ya wanna get ahead (or even stay alfoat).

My whole point was that if someone was going to judge you as lesser of a human being because you play video games, it isn't even remotely your fault.

 93 Demongodofchaos 2, Sat, 3rd Mar '12 7:56:49 AM from Reality Relationship Status: 700 wives and 300 concubines
I am become death, Destroyer of worlds
Ugh, Sorry Vic, But I can't stand DSP that much, though he made a lot of good points known.
I don't fight for good, and I don't fight for evil, I JUST FIGHT!

 94 Giant Robots, Sun, 4th Mar '12 3:17:43 AM from Victoria Harbour Relationship Status: Robosexual
Do fights often happen in tournies because of a bad game?
I probably wouldn't mind so much if people like Aris were actually witty. When you're cracking sex jokes that primary school kids wouldn't find funny, you should get some new material.

Well, being witty or polite don't really make a terrible opinion any more worthwhile and tolerable. Like in this case, sexism. I think the silver linng in this little thing, though, is the fact there was some pretty hideous sexist shit going on for a couple of days against a female gamer, to the point she threw matches just to get the fuck out and that no-one batted an eyelid. Tells you a lot more than some random idiot's opinion on video games and arcades on "gamer culture".
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