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Tropers: SuperFrost
In an alternate timeline, the feared rumor of the dreaded Y2K came to pass. A worldwide blackout hit the earth... for all of 2 seconds... everyone survived... did anything even happen? About an hour later, a meteor struck the ocean with enough force to cause a massive tsunami, and when striking the bottom of the sea, a new landmass was formed. Several died, including those that were in areas nowhere near the impact. The biggest mystery came after. All survivors, including animals, gained an extraordinary power (and unnatural hair, among other not as common side effects). I was a survivor. I was only 10. I had mastery over ice and impeccable (almost broken) strength. It's 2011. I'm 18 and I've trained my ass off and I'm living in a group home with my best friends... but in a world where everyone is superpowered... it feels just as boring as the world you're sitting in! So, me and my friends, after talking to our home manager about our view, took off searching for a special type of superpowered person called a "Rift Walker". After a ton of stuff that I won't explain right now happened, we found one... and her husband. After an event that forged our friendship, we left to another timeline... A world where we could be more than another unnoticed cog in society. A timeline where people like us were seen as heroes. We left off this to another.
What? This isn't some random fanfic, it's my life story... Stop looking at the screen all crazy! Stop criticizing my life!! You're probably wondering how I'm typing this from another timeline. Well I'm not. The one from ''your'' timeline writing this. He's Brilliant, but Lazy and has a bunch of college work... so he'll write out the rest when he has time. Probably... Give it some time...

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