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1 Hydrall5th Jan 2012 02:06:50 PM from Dio's Mansion, Cairo , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
It's time to give some credit where it has been due for quite some time. After all, where we would we be, here at TV Tropes, without these little guys? How could we make intricate, complicated mazes of topics and subtopics without them (even if we're not supposed to)?

Some bullet point facts:

  • Sources claim they were invented by Sir Edrich Bullet of Britain in the late 1860s, coinciding with the invention of the typewriter (although very few included his contribution). However, they have in fact been around since the early days of Latin.
    • Bullet points were briefly outlawed in American during World War I in favor of indents, because indents wasted less ink on official reports. However, no one likes indents, and so bullet points went immediately back into style following the end of war rationing.
      • Numbered lists are just posers. They like to pretend they're as awesome as bullet points.
    • Some people use different designs for their bullet points, like arrows or squares. Those, of course, are only acceptable to bullet purists if they're on the second indent or later, which is good for distinguishing between lines. But the filled circle is the best.
  • They're also useful for creating quote pyramids, which are even more hated than Natter mazes.

So go on, profess your love for bullet points!
2 Haldo5th Jan 2012 02:31:33 PM from Never never land , Relationship Status: Coming soon to theaters
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Tv Tropes has definitely given me a love of bulleted lists waii

^These are interrobangs. Love them. Learn them. Use them.
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