Tsundere vs Yandere:

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[up] And even if you're good, he'll still allow the Devil make your life hell (pun?) and kill all your children on a bet (Book of Job).

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[up] And what does that have to do with the yandere trope? Yandere are not particularly known for arbitarily hurting their love interest.
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I would be opposed to dating either, but if I had to pick, then of course I'd go for the one who isn't a hair away from slicing up a bunch of innocent people in my name.
129 KuroBaraHime15th Feb 2012 05:55:45 PM from Somewhere...I think
Random thoughts came to mind. What if two tsundere dated, two yandere dated, or a tsundere and yandere dated.
What if two tsundere dated

Ranma and Akane.
131 KuroBaraHime15th Feb 2012 06:05:09 PM from Somewhere...I think
Actually looking, we do basically have a trope for that in Belligerent Sexual Tension.

Though really, I was thinking more of if two yandere or a tsundere and yandere were paired.

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Edit: Never mind.

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Durarara has mutual yandere couples, sort of. Yandere/tsundere sounds like the worst combination. The tsundere acts like they don't care and the yandere goes berserk.

^ I saw your message before you edited it out.

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[up] Well, I edited it out because, while they both have Yandere-ish tendences towards each other, particularly her, he's more about being all around crazy in every sense, and thus doesn't really fit the archetype, when I gave it a second thought.
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[up] No wonder, since you're Yandere for me.
By the way I have no idea if that movie was actually any good or not.
138 KuroBaraHime15th Feb 2012 06:24:23 PM from Somewhere...I think
Yandere/tsundere sounds like the worst combination. The tsundere acts like they don't care and the yandere goes berserk.

I think I'd like to see that. Could be funny.

And two yandere sounds like it'd be fun adventures of a psycho couple.
139 Nikkolas15th Feb 2012 06:33:04 PM from Texas , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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Well let me see...

Kagome from Inuyasha is a Tsundere correct?

She is the nicest, sweetest girl who will do anything for the man she loves.

She only ever got mad at him when he was: a) being an asshole or b) emotionally/physically cheating on her.

As I'm unlikely to do either, a Tsundere is just a normal girl who loves you with all her being.

That sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

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Well, Tsunderes rank all the way from sweet girls who show a hard edge when they're really and seriously pushed to rage, to crazy abusive psychos who once in a blue moon show you some kindness before your next action makes them physically hurt you again.
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And now try imagine Yandere with Tsundere behaviour (It isn't like I murdered 12 people for you or anything, Baka!)
I'm pretty sure hybrids of Tsundere and Yandere do exist, although I can't remember any right now.
143 KuroBaraHime15th Feb 2012 07:00:54 PM from Somewhere...I think
I didn't kidnap you 'cause I like you or anything! I just needed help with my homework is all!

I didn't kill your girlfriend because I was jealous or anything! How could someone like you?!
Senjogahara. ...More of a kuudere jerkass yandere than a tsundere, though.
145 shiro_okami15th Feb 2012 07:18:22 PM , Relationship Status: Anime is my true love
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[up][up][up] Ryougi Shiki is a hybrid Tsundere and Yangire (not to the same person though, she's the former for her Love Interest and the latter to everyone else). That's the closest I can come up with.
146 GyraSolune20th Feb 2012 06:59:20 AM from your bedroom window >:3
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I'd probably go for Yandere. Why? Because knowing me, I would be absolutely and completely unable to tell whether or not a Tsundere liked me at all- I'd figure she's just being a bitch. Plus I'm capable of accidentally driving them off by saying the wrong shit. Meanwhile a Yandere is obvious- reciprocate or die. Since girls aren't into me at all (or if they are I sure as hell don't notice), them dying won't affect me that much, and if anybody finds out...she did it, not me. Just as well, I'm probably capable of being more obsessive than quite a fair number of Yanderes, I'm just too lazy and reactive. And it's not like I have friends either, so I don't have to worry about those either.

In short, the Yandere insists that there is nobody in the world aside from you two, which works perfectly well for me. And a Tsundere would just hurt my feelings and it wouldn't ever get anywhere because the absolute LAST thing I assume is that a girl is into me.
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Himawari and Sakurako in Yuru-Yuri two Les Yay heavy Tsundere best friends / girlfriends that just need to get a room.

They will usually spend an entire episode fighting then go Dere at the end.
148 judasmartel3rd Apr 2012 08:40:30 PM from Philippines , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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@Napoleon De Cheese We Filipinos are said to be Tsunderes when pursuing someone, then turn Yandere once we hook up with our love interests.

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I will never date Filipion then[lol]

I've known several tsunderes, male and female, and dated one. Reason why that didn't work out had more to do with me not wanting to have sex than anything else, which is understandable even from my viewpoint. I've also befriended* a lot of jerkass people and bullies, who for some reason show a softer side to me, if that counts as tsundere.

A yandere, not really. Someone who's jealous enough do disallow me to meet with a sexually compatible person would find an exit door very quickly. Some jealousy is fine, but that much? No. It reeks of distrust, and trust is one of the most important parts of a relationship for me. I essentially quit my last job over that.
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