Mythbusters' Cannonade Rips Through Suburb:

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Mr. Dr.
Heh, classic [1]
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Holy shit that was funny.

What the fuck?
Well, as long as nobody got hurt, that's hilarious.
5 Barkey7th Dec 2011 02:58:10 PM from Bunker 051 , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Holy. Shit.

That's some cartoonish ballistics they achieved.
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6 MajorTom7th Dec 2011 03:33:15 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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That (upcoming) episode will be the greatest ever. Either that or it becomes a Missing Episode.
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Well, apparently they had to take out an insurance for their activities, so hopefully the affected family will be well compensated.
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Gunpla is amazing!
Note to mythbusters, do not purchase cannon balls made by Acme.

Or coat it in flubber.
9 Mandemo7th Dec 2011 05:07:39 PM from Cookie Jar , Relationship Status: Above such petty unnecessities
Wow, that was unexpected.

Still, knowing them they apologize, take better security measure next time and pay up for the damages.
I had no idea cannonballs could... bounce in this way. Would they have done that back in the day?
11 MajorTom7th Dec 2011 05:24:54 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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Yep and did! (There's a reason why many cannon bombardments 1700-1850 had more casualties inflicted than rounds fired.)

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"Allah may guide their bullets, but Jesus helps those who aim down the sights."
12 Acebrock7th Dec 2011 05:44:57 PM from So-Cal , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
I just saw on a local news report that the mythbusters have stated that no more cannons will be fired in Alameda County's bomb range, and that the episode will never air.
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[up] Aww. sad
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14 Sharysa7th Dec 2011 06:01:38 PM from Alameda, CA , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
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I'm immensely glad that nobody got hurt, but no more cannons? *sadface*

Also, it's amusing and depressing to read the comments. So many people are Completely Missing the Point.
Mr. Dr.
So apparently the myth they were testing was how effective other items besides cannonballs were at being launched through a cannon......except they were using cannonballs.

Can cannonballs be effective for their intended purpose?-PLAUSIBLE

[up]Elaborate please

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16 Blurring7th Dec 2011 06:17:36 PM from a jungle with galivanting ninjas.
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[up] Isn't it normal that they used what is usual as baseline then move on to something weird to test?
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Crazy Bird
They should have fired the thing in the naval base like they did with the duct tape cannon. There's more room there, for starters.

In any case, this is why you should never try what these guys do at your own home.
18 Sivartis7th Dec 2011 06:23:17 PM from Washington State
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[up][up]Yes, when asking "does x work as well as y when used in z?" you need to use x in z as a control to measure y against.

EDIT: Added 1 more[up].

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19 MarkVonLewis7th Dec 2011 07:11:48 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: THIS CONCEPT OF 'WUV' CONFUSES AND INFURIATES US!
Honestly, I wish I was one of people whose house was damages, because they now have an AWESOME story to tell their friends and co-workers. How many people can say the Mythbusters put a cannonball into their house?
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20 MajorTom7th Dec 2011 07:12:55 PM , Relationship Status: Barbecuing
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I would have said air the episode anyways had it been my place.
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[up]There's probably a liability issue that prevents them from airing an episode when something like this happens.
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22 Joesolo7th Dec 2011 07:17:49 PM , Relationship Status: watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
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Honestaly, If I were them I'd patch the holes with clear fiberglass and, if the canon ball had gotten stuck in my house, leave it where it landed.

Sad they won't air the episode though. I'd air it and give each person affected a copy for free.

Maybe if they got permission from the people?

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23 Blurring7th Dec 2011 07:29:18 PM from a jungle with galivanting ninjas.
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Even if they are not airing the episode. Are they going to redo the testing somewhere else? Love those cannons.

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IANAL, But I believe they can't air the episode because the law doesn't allow one to profit from these kinds of events, so as not to give people incentive to have "accidents".

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25 Ramus7th Dec 2011 08:47:29 PM from some computer somwhere.
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See, we're what you'd call professionals.
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