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Tropers: Ramus
My name is Ramus. That name was just formed by putting random letters together that sounded nice, it really doesn't have any hidden meaning behind it.

There's not much I have to say about myself. I'm a rather reserved person who often spends his time sitting back and analyzing the crap out of stuff. Combine this with my Good Samaritan Syndrome and all that I seem to be doing is thinking of better ways to help people. In a manner, this has made me an amateur psychologist and psychiatrist, but I prefer to let the professionals handle that stuff. Other than that, I'll be sitting back, ready to input advice when needed.

Did I mention I make the best male housewife ever? Trust me, the girls dig guys who can cook and clean. Seriously.

Past that, I have quite an appreciation for games of all sorts, books and plays written by old, dead guys, and religious texts. And tea. Love my tea. Anyway, if you get a compliment from me, it's a blue moon because I rarely hand those out and they're only for the people that really deserve them. And yeah, I'm not fond of troping myself, I prefer that people come to understand who I am by talking to me.

I'm also known as Usht. It's a long story about why I put her on as a persona for a while, alright?

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