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Character Resort:

 1 Sonzai, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 4:59:40 PM from Singularity Station
Hey There! Want to join the Character Resort? That's great! Just be sure to read this post and the guidelines on the main Character Development Thread and the CharacterResort pages, then jump right in!

Our next feature is the new "Sojomi Resort". Recently derived by the mysterious multidimensional millionaire Kevin, he has invited guests from across the multiverse for a free stay, to foster interuniversal awareness, attract new customers, and make sure everything works before the paying customers arrive. Accompanied by his manager Melissa, his bartender/butler Brian, and an apparently limitless supply of AI maids to help customers when necessary, they have worked together (but mostly Melissa and Brian) to create a five-dimensional space where people from all walks of life can interact through a variety of activities in a causal, relaxed setting. Sporting such features as: a bar, dining, game room, spa/pool/sauna, field, tennis courts, parking lot, gym, fifty (50) bedrooms, and a variety of beach activities, it has whatever a weary interuniversal traveler could want. Of course, fighting or other disparaging behavior is not allowed, except safely in the (optional) simulator room in the basement. In addition, it is conveniently accessible through the main interdimensional door, as well as by car, horse-and-buggy, or atmospheric-capable spacecraft. Open for visitors soon - no reservations are required.

See the map here!

Kevin could be seen pacing around the room, deep in thought. He appeared in his 30's, with dark brown hair, and wore causal attire.

Brian was polishing the glasses behind the bar, watching Kevin. He was wearing a suit-like uniform and appeared to be in his 40's with black hair, and an intent, professional look on his face.

Melissa walked through the hallway warp door, as Kevin approached her. She looked in her 30's with long black hair, wearing a red office uniform, and carried an electronic clipboard/tablet with her.

"So ... is everything ready?" Kevin said.

"We will want to test those simulators a little more, and the day length keeps fluctuating for some reason, " Melissa said, "but I suppose we could go for it."

"Excellent!" Kevin said enthusiastically, "Alright, let's have Miki (Maid #12) greet the customers - Brian you cover the drinks."

"Will do."

"Melissa you make sure nothing breaks."


"And I'll pop in at random moments to schmooze with the guests. Okay, people let's go, go, go!" Kevin said, taking out a remote, activating the interdimensional door, and promptly disappearing out the door.

Melissa followed him out of the room to go check on the simulators, as the first guest was about to arrive...

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 2 chihuahua 0, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 5:06:09 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
Blue stumbled through the door and into a rather strange bar. He readjusted his brown newsboy cap, which matched his hair, and absorb his surroundings. A sense of disorientation ran through him, smashing light-bulbs within his head.

This isn't New Orleans. he mouthed out as he examined his surroundings. Familiar color scheme, but the electronics looked like something out of HG Wells. He patted his satchel.

Where's my gun?!

Easily entertained
A pair of women came through the interdimensional door, looking around. The first was Rachel Hosseini, a medium-skinned woman in her early thirties with a tangle of messy black hair down to her shoulders, and a business-like skirt suit in charcoal gray that showed evidence of plenty of hasty repairs from various cuts and scratches. On her back was a massive traveler's backpack. "Well, it looks nice, " she said, with a very soft Iranian accent, "but mark my words, something is going to go very wrong. Like that episode of Doctor Who with the minotaur."

The second, Asayu ul'Valmoth was a tall, athletic woman in her late twenties, with steel grey eyes and long, straight, dark purple hair that flowed down her back. She was currently wearing a bright red strapless dress that, in theory, was perfectly modest. It reached to the floor, after all, and didn't have a particularly low back or neckline. But it clung a bit too closely to Asayu's body, and appeared to be on the verge of falling off. (It wasn't, of course.) She carried a large suitcase, though with an ease that suggested it was far lighter than it really was. She said, "really, Rachel, you're so paranoid." Her own accent was impossible to place, a lilting, sing-song accent which drew out the vowels. "Not every place we find is going to try and destroy you." Rachel was briefly relieved, until Asayu added, "sometimes it's the place itself that's under threat, and we just get caught in the crossfire."

Rachel groaned, and said, "you had to point that out didn't you. But then again, maybe..." she peered through the nearest window, and soon spotted it. A familiar vulture, sitting on a tree branch, watching her with an uncanny intellect. She sighed. "Of course it's here. Maybe security will chase it off."

Asayu said, "I doubt it. All he ever does is observe. Sometimes comment. Ignore him."

"Alright, " Rachel said. "Maybe this place will be fun for a week or so, and we'll be able to get out before its dark secrets or unknown enemies or whatever level it. Or, if we're really lucky, maybe there really aren't any strings attached. Let's get a room."

Don't worry, I'm not setting anything up with Rachel and Asayu's paranoia. This is the one time they're not Properly Paranoid, and the vulture really is merely there to observe. Rachel and Asayu using different pronouns for it/him is intentional. Also, a small request: my main goal is to figure out how to keep Rachel out of Asayu's shadow, without matching her "eccentricity", so I'd appreciate a jab if Rachel falls back in it.

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 4 Sonzai, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 5:39:42 PM from Singularity Station
A maid, Miki, greeted the newcomers, bowing slightly, "Welcome to Sojomi Resort - I hope you enjoy your stay. If you would like, there's free drinks at the bar, and a variety of activities. Don't worry, this resort is completely safe, no fighting allowed. If you would like a room, I can check you in here." She was wearing a standard uniform, and had dark blue hair.

Assume any further newcomers are greeted similarly by Miki (Maid #12) unless they have a specific question, etc.

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 5 chihuahua 0, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 5:43:09 PM from Standoff, USA Relationship Status: I'm in love with my car
Writer's Welcome Wagon
Blue was speechless. The maid had a unfamiliar uniform, and there was something off about her. Not to mention.

He spoke up. "Where is this anyways?" He whipped his head around. "I was in a train station one moment, and then...this place."

 6 draconiansuperior, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 5:55:43 PM from Home, doing stuff
The Draconic Superior
Sobek strolled into the resort like he didn't notice that he had traveled through dimensions. He appeared as a human, a special for the people here. He was tall, swarthy, had beach blond hair, and red eyes that can make men fear for their lives, hidden behind pitch black sunglasses. He seemed to be prepared for his stay, wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a pair of sandy brown sandals, and a tacky hawaiian shirt, covering up most of his toned chest. He carried a green duffle bag and a black backpack was on his back.

He smiled as he walked in, "So where do we start the party?"

Yep, that Sobek, a Great Old One, in the form of a tall swarthy egyptian dude

I have to admit, if there was a Sobek in real life, there would be Ho Yay

Easily entertained
Rachel pulled out a wallet containing a mixture of dollars, euros, and yuan. After some consideration, she offered pay for her room in euros. When told her stay was free, she seemed more worried than relieved. It wasn't until she'd walked halfway there that she checked out the number on the key. Thirteen. "The Hosseini family curse strikes again, " she muttered, but decided not to push her luck in case the hotel had a room 666, or some innocently numbered room haunted by something profoundly unpleasant. Resigned, she and Asayu unpacked their stuff.

Asayu checked out the window and said, "ooh! A beach! Love those!" Asayu rapidly changed into what she considered appropriate beach wear.

But before she could leave the door, Rachel grabbed her by the hair and said, "you're not going anywhere."

"Why not?"

"Because, " Rachel pointed out flatly, "you're naked."

Rachel wasn't exaggerating either. Asayu was, indeed, stark naked. But she shrugged and said, "didn't see any rules against it. It's a trans-dimensional hotel. They'd have to be pretty tolerant..."

Rachel cut her off and said, "from the looks of this place, it's safer to assume it's like, say, America. Guests might not like you running around like that if they bring their families, after all."

Realizing she was probably right, Asayu put on a dark blue one-piece swimsuit. Like her previous gown, it covered plenty of skin, but somehow managed to be scandalous simply because of the woman wearing it. Rachel went into the bathroom to put on an exceedingly modest brown skirted swimsuit, ignoring Asayu's amused smirk. Thus dressed, they headed out to the beach, Rachel carrying a thick book with her. Asayu glanced at the book and said, "you'll never meet anyone that way."

Rachel replied, "I might. It's a conversation starter."

They'd reached the beach then. Rachel took a spot under an umbrella and began to read. Asayu sat by her and starting looking for anyone who caught her attention. The vulture had positioned itself on the roof of the resort, but other than that, nobody. Yet.

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 8 Sonzai, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 6:41:16 PM from Singularity Station
"This is place is, in a sense, between universes." Miki said to Blue, "You can walk from your universe, through that door to here, and back again. Consider this a vacation from your reality."

Meanwhile, from the top floor penthouse, Kevin glanced out the window, seeing Rachel and Asayu on the beach. He picked up a small phone, and said, "Melissa, hold all my calls - some very important guests have arrived." He proceeded to change into wave-print swimtrunks, revealing a moderately-in-shape figure. He walked out and towards the beach, approaching Rachel and Asayu.

"Why, hello there. How are you both enjoying your stay today?" Kevin said, "I'm the proprietor of this establishment, Kevin. Pleasure to meet you both."
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 9 draconiansuperior, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 7:00:05 PM from Home, doing stuff
The Draconic Superior
Sobek checked into his room and immediately changed into a pair of hawaiian flower patterned board shorts, putting his sunglasses on as he walked out to the beach. He surveyed the area as he soon approached the water, diving in with a splash before walking back out.

"Wooo!" He shouted enthusiastically got out of the water.

Easily entertained
Asayu examined Sebek with a raised eyebrow, a slight smile, and an amused shake of her head. Maybe if he continued to amuse her... but seriously, who wore sunglasses when they swam? He was off the list, barring something truly interesting.

Ah, but there was the matter of Kevin. But Rachel was already up, and politely shook Kevin's hand, feeling the texture for any oddness. Felt human. His eyes looked human as well. "The pleasure is mine, " Rachel said. "Nice place you have here. What brings you to let us stay for free?"

Before Kevin could answer, Asayu had proceeded to place herself in Kevin's personal space. She immediately asked, "and what are your clothing requirements around here? My prudish friend..."

Rachel pulled Asayu away from Kevin by her swimsuit, and shot a sharp glare at Asayu. "You'll probably thank me for this, " Rachel muttered.

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 11 Sonzai, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 7:19:42 PM from Singularity Station
I also added more description of Kevin, Melissa, Brian, and Miki (Maid) to my previous posts. They all appear human in most appearances, but Miki does act somewhat formal/computer-like.

"I happen to have a generous streak, if you must know. But honestly, I just opened this resort, and in furthering such a noble goal as interuniversal understanding it would feel cheap to charge for such small services." Kevin said to Rachel.

Then, in reply to Asayu, he said, "Truthfully, as this is an interdimensional resort we don't actually have any requirements, per say, but it may depend upon the particular clientele we have here, and not all universes are universally tolerant, unfortunately."
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Easily entertained
Her fingers moving to the straps of her swimsuit, Asayu said, "well, in that case..."

Rachel quickly said, "hold on a second, " and turned to Asayu, who stopped, curious to hear what Rachel had to say. "Think about it, " she said. "My guess is most of the people here will be coming from places with fairly moderate, American-style nudity taboos. You'll draw everyone's attention..."

Fingers still on the straps, Asayu replied, "you mean, more than usual? Why do you think that would bother me?"

"Because, " Rachel explained, "in order to start a conversation with anyone interesting, you'll have to shake off five or six perverts who have chosen you, rather than some dumb blonde bimbo, to latch onto."

Asayu considered this, and said, "hmm. Good point." Her fingers left the straps and fell to her sides. "Fine, you win, " she said, and sat, continuing to scan the area. That fellow with the sunglasses was quite a looker, but that alone wouldn't do. It was easy to find handsome men to toy with, but she was in a picky mood. Still, she might lower her standards... but not too far.

Rachel, still suspicious as ever, said, "well, it was nice to meet you." Then an idea hit her and she asked, "I presume this place is well secured against anything unpleasant? Say, if we had trouble from someone... or something... you or your people could deal with it?"

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 13 Tera Chimera, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 7:34:40 PM from somewhere out there
Cool Celtic Composition
Two largish, humanoid dragons dropped from the sky and landed lightly in the parking lot. They both had those Hello, My Name Is nametags on. One of them was silver; his tag had Vincent Sunyo scrawled on it in letters that were slightly sloppy, his cargo pants were a little baggy, and his T-shirt said, "I AM NOT A DRAGON." The other was dark green black stripes, and he wore a Nationals baseball cap and a Twin Peaks shirt. He held a professional video camera in one hand, and Katshal Berend was written on his tag in much neater letters.

"Pretty, " said Vincent. "We filming, Kat?"

"Yep, " said Kat, holding the camera to his eye. "We're live."

Vincent pulled a small object out of his pocket. After looking at it for a second, he put it away, saying, "Aaaaand we're getting excellent readings. So far, so good. Free rooms, good data, free food... what more could you ask for?"

"Organic interaction?" asked Kat. He turned the camera to the door. "I think I can see more people over there. Come on." Kat and Vincent set off to the entrance.

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"The Uncertainty Principle isn't about uncertainty and it isn't a principle; other than that, it's perfectly named." — David Van Baak
 14 Gault, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 7:47:42 PM from near a disputed border
When history changes...
The Resort’s front doors flew open and a tall figure came barreling through. He whipped around dramatically to look back at the door, having shut seconds after he entered, as if he was expecting something to burst through it after him. After a few seconds of standing frozen in place, the man seemed to relax, brushed himself down and composed himself. A svelte man in his mid thirties of what looked to be central European or perhaps Scandinavian descent, with sharp features and sharp blue eyes. He had high cheekbones, a thin face and finely groomed blond hair that was effectively concealing a widow’s peak. He held himself with the sort of radiant authority that you might expect of the very rich or powerful. And he was dressed to match.

He was dressed in an immaculate dark blue suit with white undershirt and white-and blue tie, which had come dislodged during the run and now lay flopped over one shoulder. Noticing this, he corrected it, slipping it back down the front of his coat, before moving on to correct the rest of his ensemble. He checked his cuffs, very tastefully secured as they were with a pair of button links the same color as the fabric, before walking up to the mirrored wall of the reception area to check his collar. It was clear that this was a man that put a lot of stock in appearances. Finding everything to be in order, he turned away and took a look around. His face registered little if any surprise. In fact, he didn’t outwardly project seemingly any emotion.

The charcoal-colored loafers he wore tapped against the marble floor as he approached the check-in desk. A maid, perhaps a greeter bowed to him, saying “Welcome to Sojomi Resort - I hope you enjoy your stay. If you would like, there's free drinks at the bar, and a variety of activities. Don't worry, this resort is completely safe, no fighting allowed. If you would like a room, I can check you in here.” The man returned the bow in the traditional Japanese style, before replying, “Certainly, I’d like to lease a room. Though please, if you could, make it on the ground-floor?” After filling in a short document and learning that there was no charge, he took the key from the maid and slipped it into his coat pocket.

Thanking the maid at the reception desk one more time, he walked around the side of the main building to come to the beach. When he arrived he spotted several people and- most notably a pair of bipedal dragons. Again he seemed unfazed by this development. Instead, he stood near the edge of the boardwalk and looked out on to the beach, hands clasped behind his back, and waited.
un monde libéré de la guerre est un monde exempt de frontières
 15 Kyle Jacobs, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 7:48:43 PM from Connecticut/D.C.
Nice Guy
Ryan Davidson had just finished shouting, "By the way, that ought to cover all the booze. Thanks!" He turned around, walked back through the door, and found himself in the middle of a hotel lobby complete with a robotic maid. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me, " he muttered. His ears perked up at the mention of free drinks, however. "Alright, looks like I won't be going home soon after all."

Ryan made his way over to the beach. Seeing a vaguely familiar woman speaking with another woman and a man, he made his way over to them. "Excuse me, " he said. "Sorry if I'm cutting in, but is there any chance you know a girl named Avea Tel'Nalo?"

Ryan's in his early 40's with brown hair, a full beard, and a scar running across his face diagonally.
Read Remus! Has nothing to do with wolves.
Easily entertained
While Rachel read, Asayu continued her scan of the area. The suited man... only two kinds of people dressed and moved like that. The very boring, or the very interesting. But without any evidence, Asayu decided to assume the former, just by pure probability. And then there were the dragon-things she'd seen. Not the first of their kind she'd encountered, but she didn't know the species well enough to tell individuals apart without names. She'd talk to them later. And...

That's when the man spoke to her. "Yes, " Asayu said, "she's my niece. Nice girl. Could use some self-confidence... say, how do you know her?" Rachel looked up from her book, suddenly very curious how this clearly Earth-born man knew an Uelane. He didn't have the right attitude to be Western Amalgamated or Sol III, after all.
 17 animemetalhead, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 7:59:02 PM from Ashwood Landing, ME
Runs on Awesomeness
Yuki Hara blinked as she left the portal into the resort, straightening her sneaker. She looked around quickly, examining her surroundings. The maid that greeted her rattled off some list of amenities, and she turned to her companion.

"Looks like this is the place, " Yuki said. "Mordecai was right."

"It's very nice, " Amaya replied, eying the decor. "We should get a room."

Yuki nodded and headed to a desk to make the arrangements while Amaya gazed out the window. When Yuki rejoined her, she sighed.

"We've never really been able to relax before now, " she said, not taking her eyes off the beach. "You sure you can handle it?"

Yuki smiled to herself. "It's not like we'll be attacked at a resort. What's the worst that could happen?"

Amaya offered a shrug in response and followed Yuki up to their room. "Should we go for a swim?" she asked as they entered.

It was Yuki's turn to shrug. "Might as well, " she said. "Not like we have a schedule or anything. Let's just have fun." She gave a small smile.

A small smile that turned into embarrassed blubbering as Amaya stripped down to change into her swimsuit. Yuki quickly grabbed her own clothes and headed to the bathroom to change and give her friend some privacy.

This should not have taken me 20 minutes to type. God I'm out of practice. All of my sentences sound the same :/ Oh well, time to start improving. Again.
No one believes me when I say angels can turn their panties into guns.
 18 Oh So Into Cats, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:01:46 PM from The Sand Wastes Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
A girl — perhaps eighteen or twenty — in a too-big hoodie and skirt with long black hair, stepped through the interdimensional doorway. As soon as she stepped in, she squinted, as if entering a bright room fromt he dark, and as soon as her eyes adjusted, she looked around the lounge and bar. It looked like an upscale hotel, not somewhere where she had meant to go.

"Oh no..." she muttered, closing the door quietly behind her.
"Beware of the wolves. They were raised by wolves."

Eidolonomics: ~60.4k/100,000 words
 19 Tera Chimera, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:05:50 PM from somewhere out there
Cool Celtic Composition
Vincent and Kat entered the lobby. "Some people are already here, " muttered Kat, running the camera around the room.

"Thank you, Captain Obvious, " said Vincent.

"You're welcome, Lieutenant Sarcasm."

Vincent rolled his eyes as the maid gave them their room keys. Vincent thanked her, and looked vaguely around the lobby for someone to corner and quiz. "You want to go after someone or stand here looking important?" he asked.

Kat shrugged. "Don't care."

"Stand around it is."

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"The Uncertainty Principle isn't about uncertainty and it isn't a principle; other than that, it's perfectly named." — David Van Baak
 20 draconiansuperior, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:05:56 PM from Home, doing stuff
The Draconic Superior
Sobek walked from the beach, drying off, as he walked to the beach bar and ordered the a cocktail. He thanked the maid as he walked back and began to walk around, sitting down in the sand to calm his nerves, "Sure is good to not have any duties for now."

 21 Sonzai, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:07:53 PM from Singularity Station
Note: Brian is staffing the bars and rental huts, while Miki is doing the greeting/checking-in near the front.


"Of course!" Kevin said to Rachel, "I wouldn't be running a very good resort if it wasn't safe. The multidimensional matrix powering this resort has numerous self-defense systems, and my Maids can handle just about anything as well."

Another maid appeared next to Kevin and asked, "I hope you enjoy your stay. Would any of you like something to drink?"

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 22 Gault, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:18:53 PM from near a disputed border
When history changes...
“So, this place is of a trans-dimensional nature?” Suddenly, the group heard the man from the boardwalk speak. Apparently, he had approached the group on the beach without making so much as a sound. His voice was thin and measured, urbane but lacking in any perceptible accent. It was almost eerie. “Very interesting. I had been wondering just what Mosaic Team had found.”
un monde libéré de la guerre est un monde exempt de frontières
Easily entertained
Rachel looked at Kevin, then glanced at the vulture, then back at Kevin, then once more at the vulture. "Could use a bit of help here, " she whispered.

Its familiar voice, like the sound of wind hissing through tombs and rattling the bones within, echoed in Rachel's mind. "If you find my presence troubling, you need but tell me. I'm sure my brothers would be willing to take over for a time."

Quickly considering her options, Rachel said, "actually, never mind. The vulture's fine where he is." Seemingly satisfied, the vulture proceeded to begin cleaning itself. "Anyways, " she said to the maid, "nothing for me right now."

Asayu said, "same. I'll bug you if I'm thirsty. 'Til then, I'm good." She glanced at the suited man when he spoke, but made no comment. He was still below her radar. Rachel, however, edged slightly away. Quiet, confident men in suits tended to mean bad things for her.

Unless it's natural for them to overhear telepathy, nobody else will have heard the vulture's words.

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 24 Oh So Into Cats, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:22:25 PM from The Sand Wastes Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Noticing the maid and the two other people standing in the lounge, Claude went up to them, This might not be an actual place, she remembered. It might have been something her brother's imagination had cooked up, and she knew him well enough to find the tells — the people were usually it. He was not a people person, so the people were often a bit off.

"Excuse me, " she said to Kat, Vincent, and the maid, "Have you seen a young man... twenty-five or so... kind of raggedy looking? Like he hasn't slept in a few days? Otherwise, he kind of looks like me." She hoped the family resemblance would shine through, and that this was not just mistaken for All Asians Are Alike.

Either way, the point was not their answer, but how they answered, the way their faces moved. Unreal people were always less convincing than real people.

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"Beware of the wolves. They were raised by wolves."

Eidolonomics: ~60.4k/100,000 words
 25 Kyle Jacobs, Sun, 23rd Oct '11 8:25:01 PM from Connecticut/D.C.
Nice Guy
Ryan grinned. "Ah, so you'd be Asayu, then. Ever heard of the Cosmic Cantina? I kind of stumbled straight from there to here. Had a very interesting conversation with Avea." Ryan's shit-eating grin subsided into a more genuinely warm smile. "She's quite something. Give her a few years, and I think she'll get things figured out."

Ryan stared off into the distance for a moment, then started. "Oh, right, forgot to introduce myself. Ryan Davidson, from Earth. I can give you more specifics, but I'm not sure how familiar you are with our geography." Ryan looked up at the other, more modestly dressed woman. "And you must be Rachel. It's nice to meet you."

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Read Remus! Has nothing to do with wolves.
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