Tropers / Gault

Tera Chimera
Killer Clowns

The Vandalpoint:

  • Planting my flag of vandalism on your page, that is one small step for a meng, one giant leap for mengkind! — QQQQQ
    Ai gatchoo meng! Gadammit, wher my vatos be at?

  • It would appear that your name is only a few letters away from my protagonist's. Fffaaascinaaating. Connection will have to be further investigated. —Morgulion
    Fuck Ayn Rand.

  • From the CDTs, it's become clear you're a pretty damn talented writer. In recognition of this, I'll give you some of the finest advice I can offer: don't feed goblins chocolate chip cookies under any circumstances. —Killer Clowns
    Them ffffuckin' Goblins! Always trying to steal mah goddamn oreos, bitches.

Beyond the vandalpoint— Noes!!