Making my villain's plans too good:

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26 nrjxll9th Oct 2011 05:08:58 PM , Relationship Status: Not war
Crazy-Prepared is another trope that works best if not overused. Having your character have lots of back-up plans is fine, but having them be prepared for something that they had no way of possibly suspecting easily pushes it over the line.
27 gingerninja6669th Oct 2011 05:11:22 PM from Aboard The Damocles
[up] I don't overdo it THAT much
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If you cannot possibly think of a way that your villain's plan could be out-thought, circumvented, or otherwise ruined, think harder.
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29 Noaqiyeum9th Oct 2011 10:47:56 PM from the October Country , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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Spanner in the Works doesn't have to be a Deus ex Machina. As long as your villain has limits to their knowledge or power (or certainty, or influence) they have a flaw that can be exploited.

I could provide more specific thoughts if I knew more specifically who your villain was and what their plans were.
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30 Philosopher11th Oct 2011 06:35:54 PM from Behind the Wall
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I agree in that your villain could have their plans foiled by a third party that has plans that cross the villains, but the plans don't even need to be the opposite or the same as the villain.

Or you could add a variable that ruins the villains plans and lets the heroes get a small but crucial victory that is the actual turn around in the war.
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[up][up]Pretty much this, seriously, without any more specifics of the villain's plans that other people could possibly poke holes in, this is as far as the help's gonna go.

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32 chihuahua011th Oct 2011 07:15:51 PM from Standoff, USA , Relationship Status: I LOVE THIS DOCTOR!
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Use the antagonist's fatal flaw. Use it to show why the protagonist deserves to win over the antagonist by having the protagonist exploiting it.

33 SandJosieph11th Oct 2011 07:43:52 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday , Relationship Status: Brony
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Here's a thought: Go over your villain's plan and see if there is a spot in that plan where something could go wrong. Also, sometimes it takes an unexpected action from the good guys to exploit that. One of my stories had such an issue and I found that the best way to foil the Big Bad's plan was to literally stop what they were doing because the villain's plans required the characters to do something. Another plan in a different story was foiled because the heroine had made so many allies that the sheer numbers overwhelmed the villain's forces. Just because a villain has a plan doesn't mean he'll have the resources.
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