How do you feel about Uni-sex Bathrooms?:

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Raven Wilder
Personally, since I always use the stall instead of urinals anyway, I doubt it would bother me at all.
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I don't know... something about it just seems really creepy, to me. Are we talking about big bathrooms that anyone can enter at any time, or are we talking about small ones you would need a key for?
3 USAF7131st Oct 2011 08:29:33 PM from the United States
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A small, single-person at a time bathroom wouldn't matter if it was uni-sex. A large, multi-person bathroom would just be uncomfortable as uni-sex, and such a thing would also be difficult to do from a "urinal versus stalls" architectural standpoint...
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It would definitely help prevent people from bullying transsexuals.
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Unisex bathrooms are usually pretty nice (because fewer people use them), and

It would definitely help prevent people from bullying transsexuals.
6 USAF7131st Oct 2011 08:43:58 PM from the United States
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I don't really think there are enough transsexuals to justify the expense of changing over bathrooms to unisex or the inconvenience to everybody else. I mean, I sympathize, but, come on now, that's not fair to the vast majority of the population that, if nothing else, is used to and prefers the current set-up...
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complete noob
It would be weird and I'd be curious to see what the response from society would be.
bitchy queen
[up][up] I suppose the best course of action is to question why our society has this current setup and if it's still logical.
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9 MarkVonLewis1st Oct 2011 08:48:32 PM from Somewhere in Time , Relationship Status: Too sexy for my shirt
I'm neutral on the idea.

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Y'all do realize that 1.) unisex bathrooms already exist in many places, 2.) coed bathrooms also exist, and 3.) unisex bathrooms are frequently offered as a third option, in addition to - not replacing - conventional male and female bathrooms?
Small bathrooms with a key; sure. Large bathrooms that anyone can enter, well...
12 USAF7131st Oct 2011 08:50:47 PM from the United States
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Whoa. It's snailbait. Sup.

Hm. Probably because people prefer to do their business in the bathroom without members of the opposite sex there? The unwritten rule is that members of the same sex are "safe," while members of the opposite sex... aren't...
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13 Bur1st Oct 2011 08:53:07 PM from Flyover Country , Relationship Status: Not war
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I don't know how I'd feel about multi-stall unisex bathrooms, but both of the (single) ones at work are unisex and that's never been a problem. ...well, except one employee who never ever ever cleans up his pee-splash. WHY?! It's not hard! There's toilet paper right there!

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14 USAF7131st Oct 2011 08:53:47 PM from the United States
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Ew, Bur. Just... ew. [lol]
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bitchy queen
I'm back for now, yes. :P

I find these arguments silly because even in same-sex bathrooms, you run the risk of being sexually abused (if that's the main concern here).
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16 USAF7131st Oct 2011 08:57:52 PM from the United States
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Abuse? No, not really. More like just general awkwardness. I imagine most people just want to do their business in peace and leave.

I mean, I suppose it wouldn't bother me that much. I would just prefer it to not be the only option...
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bitchy queen
Yeah, I understand. It's not for everyone. I'm not personally bothered by it, but it should be an option at the very least.
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18 Vellup1st Oct 2011 09:30:41 PM from America , Relationship Status: The Skitty to my Wailord
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Uni-sex bathrooms might make for some interesting stall graffiti. In male bathrooms, you find all sorts of amusing/stupid stuff on the walls:

"Real men don't need to shit!"

"^Yes they do."

Are female stall vandals any different?

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19 Kino1st Oct 2011 10:08:13 PM , Relationship Status: Californicating
I think they should stay the way they are, separated by sex; god knows what kind of shit people would do if uni-sex bathrooms were the norm.
20 Rottweiler1st Oct 2011 10:13:47 PM from Portland, Oregon
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As a man, I support them. Men's rooms are kinda gross.
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I do not want any more politicians in bathroom stalls epsically if they are Uni-Sex which could make it even more probable for instances in the future.tongue

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22 Barkey1st Oct 2011 10:17:16 PM from Bunker 051 , Relationship Status: [TOP SECRET]
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Sure, if only because it'd make women super self-conscious when they are trying to poo, and maybe they would quit having their 15 minute girl talk sessions in the god damn bathrooms all the time if men were in there who could listen in on the conversation.
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23 HeavyDDR1st Oct 2011 10:19:24 PM from Central Texas
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All politicians are sex offenders.


Anyway, I've thought of this before. It'd probably be more cost effective to just quit making two separate rooms, right? Hell, let's say you'd normally have four toilets for each room, so eight all together, you could probably cut two toilets from that in a uni-sex restroom because you're technically still making two more toilets for people to have access to. Kinda.

Also it might promote better customer-care. And it might not. Can't really tell. I guess in shady places, like gas stations and stuff, and probably in schools too, it's be dangerous, but if you were in, say, a Wal Mart or grocery store? Seems a little less likely.

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24 Bur1st Oct 2011 10:22:40 PM from Flyover Country , Relationship Status: Not war
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I'm sure if there were more unisex bathrooms eventually some poor man would be subjected to morbid work of art known as the "tampon mural". Never again would men think that their exclusive bathrooms were the only nasty ones and we could feel some solidarity in knowing that each sex has really really gross members.
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25 Kino1st Oct 2011 10:23:53 PM , Relationship Status: Californicating
@Bur: Why is it you always gross me out with bathroom/co-worker stories?

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